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Idle Prison Tycoon cheat world: hi boss, welcome to your very first prison mine! Our goal: build the best prison and help the prisoners to get early release, back to the outside world. Let's start building our first cell. You can upgrade your cell's income. You can also upgrade multiple times ny using multi upgrade function.

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Upgrade the cell's level to 100 to increase more prisoners. You can build more cell by digging deeper. Lower cell also gives better coins. To unlock new cell, you will need some coins and it just takes some time to unlock. You can also hire some new recruits to help you. Let's assign the guardian to cell. Tap plus button on top of the cell.

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Don't forget: guardians will help you manage, take care of prisoners, increase cell's income and fight back all the dangers may. Guardian's star level - you will need it higher than cell's star level to increase Happiness automatically. Health points will help them endure the attacks better. And control will increase guardian's auto attack damage and the room's income in happy mode.

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Good job, working on your prisoners' happiness. Unlock Cid (the helpful adventurer) - a character who uses her energy to empower rapid click attack. Collect legendary artifacts, summon mythical beast, reclaim omnipotent masteries. Your fighter tap generate players from worshippers. Structures will generate more prisoners per second for you.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: upgrade your tap to generate more prisoners. Mana is a magic elixir that regenerate over time. Use them to activate perks. Happines gives you power to activate power ups. Enjoy hack free 100 happines to get you going. Hold finger generates prisoners as long as you hold your finger on the screen.

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Tutorial (wiki): upgrade your idle prison, summon unique guardians. Protect your base, release the prisoners. Tap and loot tons of gold. Search and collect powerful items.Fight against dreadful Bosses.

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