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Cheat Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire hack android, ios code

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Hack Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire: cheat List
gems - use hack QkpwgLbC6
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unlimited energy - aFqfViD9Z
+48h office time - RiwnXYGNH
+24h offline time - 02e4cOtC9
+300% profit boost - GInlunqAr
Month Card x1 - PqlwysbsV
upgrade - fRgvBohfd
daily gift bag x10 - XJ2Pru02d
secret combination code - iyURGG6HY
level up - rumoHy98T
get all offline managers - 3N1bRqJIG
off ads - BCUvQBR3Z
Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire How & Where enter cheats
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game story
Are you ready to build a global empire of successful restaurants? Let's start with a diner and make the best burgers in town. Let's hire a chef for the kitchen, fast. Available chefs will start cooking as soon as a guest sits down. Don't forget, chefs and all other staff need to be paid. Salaries are paid automatically when each staff member's shift ends. If you can't pay their salaries, they'll quit - that's bad for business. Let's upgrade the dinning seat while we wait for the food. Guests at upgraded tables will pay more.
Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire Hack Basics
After eating an available waiter will return so the guest can pay. Let's build a restroom for our quests. To expand your restaurant with new areas or tables, just tap on the office. Oh, we don't have enough power for this upgrade. Don't worry, we can unlock more power in the generator room. By the way, guests who arrive by car, pay us to use the space while they eat. So make sure to upgrade our parking services from time to time. For now, let's launch a marketing campaign to attack more quests.
Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire Hint & Tips
1. Upgrade the ovens to increase the value of food.
2. Upgrade the table to increase cash earned at this table.
3. Use the cash you earn to upgrade your restaurant, unlock tables, pay staff and attract more quests.
4. Some upgrades require power, which can be increased by upgrading our generators.
5. The more we unlock and upgrade in the restaurant, the more cash we will earn.
6. Check out missions for recommended tasks with cool rewards.
7. A bomb - swipe in any direction to detonate, or double click like other boosters.
Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire Build
Small table - a nice spot to enjoy a meal. Outside table - a quieter, outside table with a view. Restroom - can't run a restaurant without them, and your customers appreciate good facilities. Milkshake bar - these's nothing like a hearty milkshake to follow up a burger. Parking - customers can park their cars here while they eat, and you make money. Cleaning - this is where our cleaners keep their supplies. Kitchen - this is where the magic happens, upgrade to improve the quality of your food. Lobby - where units arrive and wait to be seated.
Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire Hack tools Version
Idle Restaurant Tycoon Empire Redeem gift code
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date21 October 2020
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