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Game Story
I'm the manager here and i'll show you around. You can count on me to make this place the best Space Zoo. Come on! Let's rescue our first animal. Planet Earth - this is our space harbor where we can send rescue starships across the galaxy. As you rescue more animals from Earth, more continents will be available for you. Let's start with this one called "Americas".
Idle Space Zoo Hack Basics
For your first rescue ever, let's use starship with the lowest expedition cost. For some reason, humans from this planet call them UFOs. You can also check the odds of rescues for each UFO by tapping "?". Pay the expedition cost and leave it to the rescue team! They will come back with an animal for your Zoo. Don't forget to check your progress guide and collect special rewards.
Our goal is to keep this place running the best it can for both the animals and the public. You can check your progress by looking at happiness meter.
You can keep track of how much income your Space Zoo is making by the hour. You can also check all the bonus you currently have by tapping "?".
Hint & Tips
1. Animals produce income over time, tap anywhere on the habitat to collect it.
2. Manage habitat - tap on the floating display next to your animal habitat. Here you can see more details about your animal and interact with it. Here you can upgrade this animals habitat level. The more upgrades you have, the more income this animal.
3. You can have up to five of the same inamel in the same habitat. Each extra of the same unit will give you a speed bonus to generate income even faster. Once you have five of the same character in the habitat, you can merge them into a special animal of that type.
4. As you take care of your animals, you will be able to unlock and Pet your animals.
5. Also, keep an eye on your maintenance status and don't forget to clean your habitats or they will stop generating.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date21 September 2020
Last Modified21 September 2020
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