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Free hack Idle Supermarket Tycoon cheats code list - speed up, offline mode, money, promo ticket, customers, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Idle Supermarket Tycoon cheat world: hey! There you are, boss. We finished building the supermarket, so we’re now ready for the grand opening. We were waiting for you! Our first customer should be here soon. I’m so excited. The customer just parked the car, taking one parking space. Customers will keep coming, so let’s now see how the shopping works out. Look, the customer is shopping in the produce department. The cashier charges customers for the products they want to buy. The checkout process is a bit slow, but you’ll be able to improve it soon.

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Right now, we only have a produce department, but we’ll expand the business step by step. Let’s improve the produce department and increase our profit. Upgrade - increase produce department profits. Hire employee - increases the number of employees working in the store by +1. Greengrocer’s salary - increases the productivity of produce department employees by 5%. Improving the produce department will give us more money per customer.

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The parking lot is full. We need to fix this to accommodate more customers. Tap the parking sign. Parking lot - the number of people that can access your supermarket depends on the size of the parking lot. Advertising - increases the number of clients coming to your supermarket by +2/min.
It seems we have problems helping the customers. They shouldn’t have to wait that long! Let’s build a new cash register to assist more people. This will reduce the line and we can cash in faster. Tap the cash register.

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Cashiers - attend to the customers in the supermarket. The faster they work, the more money you earn. Upgrade - reduce the time needed to attend.
I almost forgot about the home delivery trucks. Tap them to collect the money from the home delivery service. Tap the office to see all the different departments you can build and really make the supermarket grow. Now, we should focus on the produce department while making sure the cash registers and parking lot run smoothly. That’ll make us more money in a hurry. If everything goes well, we’ll be able to open a new supermarket in a bigger city.
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