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Oh, finally you come. I hope your travel would be confortable. Now we can start. I have come forward and prepared all for your arrival. Now we can learn all the process with the first customer. Great, he has parked. Now he’s occupying a parking lot. We’ll be making money while he’s here. Now he should go to the entry and pay for the ticket. If we want to rise the price of the entry we should build more rides. He’s got the ticket and now he can enter to the park.

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He just bought a ticket to access the shooting gallery. Now he’ll queue until the ride is free. It’s a shame, we don’t have more rides. Now the visitor doesn’t have nowhere to go. But we could upgrade our shooting gallery to earn more money. Shooting gallery: rubber ducks - shoot to some little pretty rubber ducklings that go around in circles. Upgrade gallery - increases the price of the ticket. Expand queue - increases the amount of people that can walt in the attraction queue by +1.

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We’re out of parking lots. We should fix it immediately or visitors won’t come. We’re going to build more parkings lots, touch on the parking. Parking - delimits the number of people that can visit the theme park. Each car in the parking lot means revenue for the park. Increase space - upgrade the parking lot with 6 more parking spaces. Security cameras - adds cameras that increase parking revenues by 100%. Security guards - increase parking revenues by 200%.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon wiki
As we just opened the park, it would be nice to start an ad campaign to increase the visitors. Marketing - operate ad campaign in several media to atract more people to the park. Let’s start an ad campaign using the radio. It will have a greater difusion than newspapers and bring new people for a while. This one is on me but the next will have a cost based on the park’s size.
Ready! No we can fill the park with lots of people. Remember that it has a time limit. So you need to be alert to renew the campaign.

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  • We have too many people on the queue. We need to build a new entry point.
  • Entries - to access the park, clients will have to go through the entry booths to purchase their entry ticket. It's important to keep this area optimized so people don't have to wait too much to enter.
  • By the way, we have some food stalls for the visitors. From time to time we'll be able to claim the earnings from the food stalls. It's a nice bunch of money. You'll see an alert above the food stalls, just tap and boom! cash.
  • I think you're ready to handle this all by yourself. We need to became this park in the greatest one. It won't be easy, but we can. I'll keep in charge of finances, which is my thing. I'll look for new investors for our park. The management is in your hands.

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Tutorial Idle Theme Park Tycoon(wiki):
  • Build - here you can build and expand the supermarket's departments and facilities to increase your profit.
  • Shooting galery - aim and shoot! feel like old good times shooting for prizes.
  • Ferris wheel - the basic ride in every theme park.
  • roller coaster - is the crown jewel in every theme park.
  • Stats - here you can see the overall status of your supermarket. The overage values are shown below.

Idle Theme Park Tycoon tutorial

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fix error with the server, bugs, lags, crashes. Available islands: residential area - a pretty island placed in calm waters, the perfect place to build your first theme park. Wild island - a bigger island with a jungle area where we can build a water ride. Hidden island - our explorers have depart in search for new places.
Idle Theme Park Tycoon tips to repair
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