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Free hack Idle Tropic Empire cheats code list - upgrade, booster, gold, promo ticket, speed up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Idle Tropic Empire cheat world: where am i? What happened? My plane crashed and i barely made it to this island. But there’s no time to lose, i need to start fishing! Tap the fishing spot to get coins! Caught fish are transported to the harbor for processing into coins. Upgrade the fishing spot to get even more fish!

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Well done, that should be enough! Let’s build a harbor to automate fishing. Tap the harbor building spot on the beach. Now we need a better view to the sea iffy - for more fish iffy! Upgrade the watchtower. Watchtower increases sight towards the ocean and clears clouds. Upgrading the watchtower unlocks new fishing spots.

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Great success! We need to unlock the fishing spot not far away from the coast to start fishing there. Harbor - refines collected fish into coins to be used in upgrades and building new structures. Upgrade the Harbor to increase fishing speed. Use hack Donna - super sale code: 10 Donna card, 100 gems, 2 hour idle token!

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Iffy - an aspiring superstar - DJ who is yet to play outside of his Mom’s basement but is surely destined for greatness! Finding cards improves survivors’ skills! You should assign yourself in harbor to boost fishing income! Build a lumber mill to autoamte wood chopping! Tap the forest to get enough wood to build the next watchtower.

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