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Free hack Idle Wasteland cheats code list - materials, auto clicker, skill points, promo ticket, power up, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Idle Wasteland cheat world: this game utilises third party advertising and analytics services. These services require the use of an advertising identifier to show you ads and track in game. Hey there. i’m the makeshift tutorial drone. Lets get to it, shall we? Yellow bar is your attack meter. When it fills up you attack the enemy. Tapping the screen anywhere makes the bar fill up quicker, if that’s up one’s alley.

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Just below me is the ability menu button, open it an activate a spell. The green bar is your mana, activate the first spell for +5 maximum damage. You should kill enemy much quicker now! We’ve gor some currency, click red button. Spend regular currency in this menu, upgrade your maximum damage. Now you can hit up to 2 damage per attack instead of a measly 1. Every menu has an info section.

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Level up strength by killing monsters. Unlock upgrades by meeting level requirements. Buy strength upgrades with currency. Earn currency by killing monsters. Monster dropped an item, lets use it. Click the bag to open the inventory. Click the Muffin then Use! Muffins up your maximum damage by 5. Scrap piles appear at the sides as you progress forward, deplete 5 to unlock crafting.

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Use scrap gathered from scrap piles to craft materials. Materials take time to craft, wait until it is complete then collect. Once you craft 5 nuts you will unlock the crating upgrades menu.
You level up your skills by earning experience, experience is earned by performing actions. Level up strength by killing monsters, Salvaging by depleting scrap piles...
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Tips to repair durability Idle Wasteland, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

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