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Welcome to our magic school, this will be your new home. We are going to welcome a group of new students soon. This is our dormitory - it’s small for now, waiting for you to expand. By the way, those who are late for school have to wait for available beds. Our classroom - students learn their magic here and pay for it after the class.

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We earned our first tuition fee as the student completes the initial herbology class successfully. There will be more students in the future. There are several new classes waiting for construction. Don’t forget them! To help you understand our school better, we prepare some quests for you. In first quest, you need to upgrade your class to level 25.

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Upgrading class will improve teaching quality and bring more income. Hire teachers - increase the number of teachers by +1. Salary - raising teacher’s salary can facilitate teaching speed. Hiring more teachers and raising their salaries would speed up teaching. If there are enough students.
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Stats - here you can see the overall status of your school. The average values are shown below: gains per students, graduation time, learning students.
Magic shop will bring extra coins for your school, the higher the class level, the higher the magic shop income.
Building new dormitories will allow more students to move in. Upgrading station and train will bring more characters.

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  • Offering new courses can greatly improve the school's income.
  • Build your wizard school: spread your magic knowledges, manage different apartments, discover the fascinating wizard world.
  • Set up magic courses: reading, soothsaying, mythical beats class. Enroll more students - instant profit!

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Expand, automate and boost school construction with magic coins! Keep an eye out for the ingredients that can brew potions and aid your journey. As you step outside and explore the magic world, the map will reveal details of school, such as dormitories, magic alley and classrooms.
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