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Wake up! Looks like the impact of that space time explosion reached beyond our plane. We’ve been searching for you! What? Another enemy? THere’s no time to explain. You look pretty weak, so we’d better find someone to help, and quickly. That space time explosion left behind a huge fissure. It happened to open up a link between worlds, and it lets the agents form resonance. A scroll containing space time energy can activate it. Let’s try to activate a link!

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Success! An agent has joined us! This still isn’t enough, though. We need stronger helpers. If you use an agentic space time scroll, which has more space time energy, you can more easily establish resonance for especially strong agents. Now we should be able to beat back the enemy! We were significantly weakened after that space time explosion, and our enemies are getting more and more restless. Let’s find out where they’re hiding. Be careful - these guys are especially cunning!

Idle Agents Evolved cheats, hack codes

Let’s investigate the area outside the city first. Seems like the enemy has already concealed themselves. We’ll need to spend some time to find them. The enemy may not look strong, but we should still be careful when dealing with them. Let’s deploy all of our agents. On this plane, agents can gain energy from attacking or taking damage. Once they’re fully charged, they can use stronger skills.
The enemy seems to have dropped something. It’s a shard! These can be used to activate a type of special link - a directionla link!
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Once you have enough shards, you can direct the corresponding agents to link to our plane. Maybe we can change the current circumstances after more agents join. However, maybe strengthening them is better choice. If you don’t need some character’s help, you can cancel resonance, Due to the space time fluctuations, you’ll also receive some space time energys. Choose an agent who you want to resonate with other agents. Don’t worry, this won’t affect their body on other planes.

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The market is bustling with activity and home to a wonderful array of items. Come here often, and you’ll be sure to benefit. Remember to collect your loot on time and strengthen your agents. They’re waiting to follow you into battle in the new region! EFQkcl - supply box
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