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Welcome to the new world! Tap battle and let’s get on with it! Tap on Axel. He want to join the battle. Axel requires some assistance. Select Big Mom to fight by his side. Now press begin battle! There’s no time to lose! Click on hero’s portrait once his energy bar is full to activate his ultimate skill. Crystallis has enlisted herself into your army! Hurry up, plenty more foes waiting to taste defeat. Tap on hero to bring her to the frontline. Drag Crystallis to the middle position in your battle formation. Begin battle - it’s time to unleash your wrath on these enemies.

Idle Arena Battle of Heroes hack

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It appears a new recruit has joined our ranks. Let’s go check it out. Tap on Godfrey to learn more about him. Tap on level up to make Godfrey stronger. Your inventory already has a few equipments. Tap equip gear to slap some gears on Godfrey to increase his stats. Better gears, easier fights! Let’s get back to the battlefield. Pay attention to team faction bonus.

Idle Arena Battle of Heroes cheats, hack codes

When 4 heroes ally together in battle your stats will be increased. Now you have 3 last remnants heroes in team, thus gaining a bonus of ATK and HP. Collect your AFK rewards and invest into your characters. AFK rewards can only contain maximum 12 hours of rewards. You can use the fast rewards feature to receive 2 hours AFK rewards. THe first claim everyday is on us! Its seems you already know how to maximize your squadron’s battle readiness! The rest is up to you.
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The Demon scourge spreads itself over the land, infesting everything in its wake. Use DNA Chain - this can be used to enhance your heroes’ level. Skills: Frozen divinity - fires 2 ice bolt from Crystallis’ staff, freezing 2 random enemies for 3 seconds, causing damage and reduce their HP regeneration by 100%. Frost blast - focuses extreme ice liquid onto her staff, causing her next 5 normal attacks to slow an enemy’s attack speed. When an enemy receive 5 freezing stacks, it will fall become frost biten. If this enemy’s HP drops below 15%, it shatters.

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