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The Betalians are invading the earth, New York is in crisis, and we urgently need your help! Click on the hero's avatar and let him join the battle. Now tap on "battle" to see who the enemy is. The situation is fierce. The management bureau sends assistance. Choose a hero from hack list to join your team. A new hero has joined us, but the war is still going on, we need to act as soon as possible. Our new companion is a warrior, he is more suitable to protect others in the position1, drag his avatar to change his position.

Idle Avengers Future Wars cheats, hack codes

1. P9C6uNtI - deluxe chest
2. uhpugLKh - epic hero luxury gift
3. Enter fKKP2dgW - deluxe monthly card
4. Pass gzkAPJw8 - summon scroll
5. wfCLEW7X - diamonds
6. Enter 2ANXKirv - vip 13
7. aQIwQFEh - SSR character
8. 7e3hsyFc - awake
9. CobDKQsz - legendary gear
10. kc2YnDkj - game coupon code

Control info Idle Avengers Future Wars: clicking "upgrade" can improve hero ability and make more powerful. Hero evolve - advance your hero to gain more powerful skills. Vip 13 privilege: hero limit +550. Auto yields extra gold coins, player EXP +200%. Cyber bar maximum quests: 15. galaxy wanted sweeping purchase limit: 8. X-war fast rewards buy times: 9. Daily tournament ticket buy times: 9. Unlock: smart awakening, time travel sweep, faction summon (god/ universe), casino, hack tools

Basics Idle Avengers Future Wars cheats code list: Krooge biography - super strength comes from his super power called "infinite power": the body of the Abyss titan is huge dimension energy storage, and its stock has nearby no upper limit; this in turn strengthens his strength, every attack made by him was strong and powerful. Since the initial awakening from the bottom of the sea, Krooge has a great desire for the dimension energy, his heavy body sneaked into the deep sea all day, looking for the energy to absorb.
Tess cheat code biography - is the only minor to be admitted to ranger, but no one will look down on the girl because of her age. With her non biological balance and flexibility, she can easily move on the wall of the city by wearing the light dance costume designer for her. She can use her own tech "circle capoeira" born out of Capoeira and floor exercise to deal with the enemy, and use the automatically heat chasing aurora rings to end them.

Hack hero & skills Idle Avengers Future Wars: Jane: areal damage - frost spreads. Jane summons the ice pick, dealing attack damage to 4 random enemies. Frozen - Jane’s basic attacks and skills decrease target's 10 points and freeze the target for 2 rounds. Extremely cold force - Deals 100% attack damage to 1 random enemy, and adds a 150% attack damage shield to the ally with the lowest HP.
Tess - light wheel cutting: Tess throws the light wheels, dealing DMG to 4 opponents. It's increased energy points when the skill deals crit. Agents returns - in the first 3 rounds of the battle, critical rating is increased by 15%6 speed increased by 20 points and attack increased by 15%.

Idle Avengers Future Wars gift codes, hack, note.

Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Complete certain chapter after purchase to gain diamonds, heroes and 1000 VIP points.
  • 2. Use cheats, recharge specials, gain excellent hero and legendary crystal.
  • 3. Purchase any level of gold to collect massive free gold every day.
  • 4. You can summon new heroes in summon tower - use password from our list.
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