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Free cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), redeem pass, New York City USA engine. Idle Chaos cheat list, hack tools: GVaVpo - advanced invite
uEV3ij - diamonds
YcYqJb - friendship points
9dCiLl - hero talent
dt26qQ - limited package
GK37Xi - gold coins
S6dzp0 - shards
GOaIjH - artifact
iXXNRA - lucky spin
UtKslj - redeem code
1y4Io9 - great gift pack 2020
Idle Chaos Game story: are you the adventurer here to save us? Let me accompany you to get familiarized. Summon room - let us know more heroes. Normal summon gives you most of the units , but costs normal summon card. Remember: there’s free chance every day! Advanced summon gives powerful heroes and costs diamond, advanced summon ticket or use cheats. heroes will farm automatically, remember to claim your loot. Choose the fighting hero before battle begins.

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We get the hero shards! Let’s try to forge a new hero in the bag. The hero needs to be stronger, let’s upgrade him. Pass code - tap here to upgrade hero with sufficient enhancer. Equip hero with gears! Tap the wear ll button to wear the best gears owned. Remember claim raming loot. The longer the time, the more loots. You can use advanced summon card to advance summon. You sure are talented and learned everything.Of your are lost, tap “Grow” and i’ll help you. Don’t worry! The silver commander will go on adventures with you!

Idle Chaos cheats, hack codes

Arranging a hero in the front tow will take more enemy attack. Put heroes in the back row to deals more DMG to enemies. Faction restraint can increase 15% HIT and an additional 30% DMG. Crystal summon - during the event, use mysterious summon cheat code in the crystal summon for a certain times to gem correspondent rewards. Rewards are mailed.
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Hero talent - during the event, complete the following achievements to earn rewards. Gold - normal currency for buying normal items. Advanced summons card - used at summon room. Come back to have a look in a while, you will receive a luxury idle AFK rewards. Only the strongest can lead his partners to survive the competition between adventurers!

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1 meIMhn upgrade
2 zBX1lA stat point
3 VTQMXh coupon
4 RqumB2 promo code
5 t4vZEo gift box
6 TTATyX gold coins
7 v8q9wf month card
8 vOaScg premium pack
9 lVzgBn legendary gear
10 gjTtfG vip ticket
11 MPLkKp gear pack

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Idle Chaos tips
Hack cheats tutorial Idle Chaos (wiki):
gV9DD6 - supply box
2xQpm2 - treasure chest
enRfMu - multiplayer
PlOjVn - vip status
PZhw4A - star tokens
Hack FgWzF6 - artifacts
Cheat ek5uDf - evade
Cj4mpq - elite ticket
2kYPdr - exchange cheat code

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