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Long, long ago...Existed a fearsome black dragon. The black dragon was so evil and powerful, he only brought destruction to the world. Countless number of warriors attempted to slay the dragon, only to fall to its fearsome might. Amidst all despair and gloom that had taken over the world. Arose a hero with the dragon sword to go head to head against the dragon. After a bloody battle that lasted for days. The hero striked the dragon sword into the monster’s crown. And finally slayed it for the sake of the world. When peace was restored to the people’s land. The hero vanished himself with his dragon sword.

Hundreds of years later...A group of evil cretins are scheming to revive the fearsome black dragon. Buried somewhere in the world, the dragon sword now awaits for a new hero to carry on the old hero’s legacy. Yes, you’re the new hero.

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hack Idle Guardians Never Die Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):There's no guardians other than myself and, in this state, the hero cannot defeat the Black dragon. I'll show you how guardians work. Press "HQ" button below. The gold mine here produces gold to helo the guard grow. There are miners among the Co-ops of the guardians. They also can be hired or improved if they are given gold. Gold is also stored in the vaults on the right side of the mine so we'll have to come back.

cheat Step #2: Now entering lab. There's nothing useful right now, don't be disappointed. You can obtain flasks during the battle and you can start research with them. If you do research well, you can get more gold or improve the guardian's force power.

code Step #3:Touch the 'guardians' menu below. You can take care of the hero and the guardians here. You can reinforce and level up the guardians here. What happens if there's a hero that doesn't get along with others? You can add and take off guardians out of the party so do not worry. And the only way to become stronger is not just level up. You can become stronger by collecting dragon and soul stones.

Idle Guardians Never Die Step #4: Soulstone can be used for awakening. You can promote by using multiple soulstones. You can power up the guardian with dragon stone. Collect dragon stone by resetting. You can recruit more heroes. You can try hiring someone you like out of 2 applicants. The numbers of guardians not going to be easy. It depends on the applicant. There's always possibilities to get rejected.

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  • 1. There are many jobs besides being a guardian. But if you really want to get recruited, there should at least be some sort of special recruitment fee.
  • 2. Hack cheats:
    5 stars recruitment - #NSXlBIFsB
    group pick - #DFTjGi4eu
    awakening gem - #XlXz0OBZ7
    auto clicker - #wmMKNoPuK
    game speed x50 - #0C2QrHIvc
  • 3. In equipment store, you can purchase equipment with materials collected in dungeons. NPC will show you better equipment when your explore level increases.
  • 5. Through promotions, the guardians will acquire a new title and a special effect along with doubled vitality HP and attack (grade increases first time only).
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