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Oh, it’s you. It would seem Princess Taro’s personal guards are assaulting the town. Tap to start adventure. Melee heroes: warrior, knight, wanderer, will be hit first, make sure they have defense abilities. Ranged heroes: shooter, mage, cleric, will usually take less damage, they are responsible for damage and support. Looking from the magic dust you guys found, they’ve been charmed by some sort of dark magic. It seems like these nasty worms are crawling around again! I can use these magic dust to help you decipher rune skills,to make you stronger.

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With the power of rune skills, we can easily cast extra skills. Rune skills will auto cast, rune skills grant large amounts of talent skill energy. Can be manually casted in Boss challenges. Experience and rewards gained from IDLE will be put in treasure chest, you must tap on the chest to claim it. Craft weapon, the previous equipment refine level will be transferred to the latest one.

Idle Knights cheats, hack codes

Equipment: head - skill is disabled if this section is destroyed. Body - character is killed. Arm - attack is reduced by 1/2. Leg - attack speed is reduced by 1/2 if this section is destroyed. Tap on the craft button to make weapons and armors. Weapon increases ATK, and armor increases the maximum HP. There is no DEF concept in this game. Ruby craft - S, R, SR, UR - one of rare grade equipment will be randomly crafted. Character equips the item made through crafting.
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A weapon is given element and race attributes. Skill cannot be used if the head section is destroyed. Character rarities are classified as B, A, S, R, SR, UR, and LR grades. You can get bonus star every time you pass 50 stages. Bonus star will greatly increase your abilities, so they will be huge help when you resurrect.

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