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6xSBZd - Robot impersonator
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Idle Life Sim Game controls: hello sweetie! Oh my, look how you’ve grown. It’s about time you make a living on your own! You must earn lots of money, just like the rest of the family. Don’t worry. I’ll help you. Now you have to decide what to do, it should be something you like, with prospects for the future. Choose a career: art, gastronomy, sports and technology. Develop your sports career and become part of the most completitive elite. Everyone will want sneakers from your own brand.

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Technological - dominate the market of the future and become the world’s new technology guru. Develop your culinary career and invent creative new dishes. A three star rating won’t be enough for your exceptional cuisine. Develop your artistic career and become an icon for future generations. Maybe you can even found your own school.
It’s time to leave the nest, sweetie. I bought you your first house so you can start your journey to independence.

Idle Life Sim cheats, hack codes

You must keep learning to improve your career and earn more money. Go running - let’s start getting fit. You’re already making more money, but let’s make a bit more. Now we should decorate your house a little. let’s buy some furniture. You need to decorate your house really well, so you’ll appear well-off and be offered better jobs. Giuseppe renews the store’s inventory from time to time, so keep an eye out for bargains. You can place, move and remove any decor item you buy.
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Items give you status which you need to level up. Place more furniture in your house to level up and get job promotion offers. Take good care, keep improving at work, and you will be successful in your career in no time. I’ll come and visit you once in a while with a little gift. Use impersonator robot - the coditech impersonator Robot will replace you at work whenever you need a break. You’ll make money for longer while you’re away.

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1 uI23CO upgrade
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6 lcUg9n gold coins
7 XyHwbD month card
8 u9pdXC premium pack
9 86gTYO legendary gear
10 CLQ8K4 vip ticket
11 9LReSm gear pack

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fsoqy9 - supply box
LqIFEO - treasure chest
dkeJQA - multiplayer
ISMOJ1 - vip status
OjhnI8 - star tokens
Hack CHlfCt - artifacts
Cheat gqSsDD - evade
wCR89K - elite ticket
9LRFu8 - exchange cheat code

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