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Idle Mafia Game story: welcome, you are now a glorious temporary manager of the hammer. Umm, yes, only temporarily. Don’t worry, you can be a formal manager by completing the missions i give you. First, click on the top of the screen to see your missions. The 2nd mission: learn how to make money. You may think you know how, but let me show you a thing or two...Actually, it’s even simpler than i said - click on the screen to collect cash. And now, upgrade your business to get it to make more cash.

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You unlocked the scam - it will also keep producing cash. Unlocking new business is important, but don’t forget to upgrade them. The more you invest, the more you’ll gain. Right now, we should continue to concentrate on collecting cash. Let’s go to the next street, i have a task for you. The world is big, let’s take it slowly. The Razor dominates the nearby streets! It’s time to fight back! Select the capos who enter the field and keep fighting! Make sure the streets belongs to the Hammer again!

Idle Mafia cheats, hack codes

Capos can not only fight for you, but also helo you manage business. Give your business to a Capo to manage, and you- you’ll have more important things to do. Use key - it can help you get more heroes. Open safe in shop: free, golden, mystery or nations safe. The last step in the intermediate trial - get used to collecting money. This street is back under the control of the Hammer? It’s time to take back more!
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Beware, the Razor has many members here. To control this street, we have to do it step by step. That we have a stable source of income, the next step is to take more businesses! Cigars are a must for upgrading capos, and can be acquired through cigar fights.

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1 hEJTpd upgrade
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8 ghhOf2 premium pack
9 OzT8Sr legendary gear
10 4dROwG vip ticket
11 PNIi3n gear pack

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C0vBMn - supply box
hyMrZK - treasure chest
GIBfIU - multiplayer
MO9Y1v - vip status
eSRxbM - star tokens
Hack 2Ck6hW - artifacts
Cheat jaTzHc - evade
8EWYSz - elite ticket
xGxDbS - exchange cheat code

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