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Free hack cheats tools, codes list (andoind/ ios), gift pass, New York City USA engine. Idle Mania cheat list: QYFthT - senior summon
D0pXSC - friendship points
uo1YPp - designated
xP5cH1 - diamonds
mj0nXo - month card
EWX9i1 - free wheel
Phmag8 - mode: extra room of hero backpack: +200, alchemy master receives gold: 2000%, dragon ruins +50, stage of warship rush +50
5LGFus - speed up X20 for battle
K05vrJ - soul fire
Wo43tN - hero shards
BAaAQF - great gift code pack 2020
Hi! I’m cheat-on, the oracle of lord Primus. We need your help! Ever since the beginning of time, the Lawful and the chaotic have been protecting our world. But an eternal conflict has been going on between the two factions. They fight each other bringing chaos to this world! Lord Primus got so mad at this situation. So he sent me to find a champion to resolve it.

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You get it now? you are the chosen one, you are the hero who is destined to save the world. Woah finally, that’s a long story! Let’s go now! Lor Primus has appointed a guardian for you. Come out now! Let’s head to Braveland and check it out. Tap adventure. Protect Braveland to collect resource while AFK. THe higher the stage is, the more resource you can collect. The paths ahead are occupied by monsters. You must defeat them to proceed. Champion, prepare for fight!

Idle Mania cheats, hack codes

Battle team can activate the aura to enhance their strength. Mace knight had be actived civil party aura. Both attacks and being attacked will accumulate energy, and skills can be released when the energy is full.
Our team needs more crew. Lord Primus said that if you have a summoning stone, you can summon heroes at the altar. We are at a shop, it has all kinds of stuff. Take a look! The hero summoning stone is here indeed! Swipe your screen to visit other places. Swipe left to check the summoning altar on your right hand side.
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Use the hero summoning stone to perform a prime summoning. You can summon any hero at the Altar, and they are all loyal to you! During senior summon event, summon can get extra rewards. Now, let’s move on to the next stage. You will collect additional AFK resource along the way. Treasure chest - this shows the accumulated resources.

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1 Iq0DlK upgrade
2 n2d0tz stat point
3 XBWfVd coupon
4 68FgX0 promo code
5 HENBva gift box
6 18mDbA gold coins
7 gZ2xYf month card
8 ssu4Tr premium pack
9 9wtr6y legendary gear
10 1jQcBH vip ticket
11 6z4Bq9 gear pack

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dsOVFv - supply box
EJv3Ij - treasure chest
rBMPTv - multiplayer
62RLsE - vip status
kZm9rC - star tokens
Hack Rv6SPE - artifacts
Cheat QmslRP - evade
3Du150 - elite ticket
Dl1Jh4 - exchange cheat code

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