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You finally arrived, my Lord. Now let me introduce you to the management and operation of the territory. The development of the town requires lots of gold coins, we need to produce and sell the goods to earn gold coins. Look, we are welcoming the first visitor! It’s really exciting. That person walks very slowly. COme on, let’s help him! We managed to earn the first pot of gold, which is a good start! When we have enough gold coins, we can open more stores to earn more coins.

Idle Medieval Town hack

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We can upgrade the bakery to make more gold coins. Profit - increase commodity prices. This way we can make more delicious bread and increase our sales price. THe reputation of our town is not enough. Only a few people came to visit. We must do something. We used gold coins to improve the reputation of the town! As long as there are enough gold coins, everything can be done! Next, i will go around to lobby the nobles to visit our town. The nobles may provide us great financial help!

Idle Medieval Town cheats, hack codes

Boosters: production speed, staff - increase staff speed, royal gifts - get a tribute from the lord messenger, store tax - collect store gold coins 3 times, upgrade - stores profit level upgraded to 25. Epic upgrades: profit upgrade cost reduced by 200%, production time reduced by 50%, all stores production time reduced by 50%, increase the probability of rewarding diamonds by 500%.
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Your town is operating very well, now we can unlock new stores! Here is our army, you can order them to explore around the town. They will bring us a lot of treasure. Explore - gather the army to explore around for 6 hours. Your inventory is not enough! If there is not enough stock in the store, the visiting person will be disappointed and leave. So we must balance the manufacturing and sales speed. Otherwise, our business condition will be affected. Try to upgrade the production speed properly! My Lord, you can now manage the town by yourself, good luck!

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