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You are a seasoned mercenary on a mission to recover classified documents for your employer, deepwater tactical. Then suddenly, you are betrayed by your commander, dutch Abrams. Shot and left for dead, the darkness closes in. Your will to live is stronger and you cling on for dear life. Against all odds you make it back to an old, abandoned forward ard base. It’s time for revenge.
Happy to see that you have recovered after what happened out there in the jungle. I have set up our new base while you were away.

Idle Mercenary hack

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Let’s hire some mercenaries and start earning money so we can bring down deepwater tactical. Heh, call it your human resources department. It’s just a phone now, but use it to get in contact with your recruitment specialist. This is Jean- Paul, he keeps contact with mercenaries looking for jobs. Tap on a mercenary to get details about the mercenary. It’s the beginning of an empire. Now hire the other mercenary as well. Now let’s send them on a mission. Close the character market and go to operations.

Idle Mercenary cheats, hack codes

Let’s look at that mission in the list. Click it to see the details. Every mission requires mission specialists. Required types are shown here. This mission requires an assassin. Assign the assassin to the mission by tapping the team section. Now look at the mission odds meter. You see that the success chance went up. XP is used to level up your mercenaries. Money is used to recruit characters and improve your base.
Good, now you know the drill! I hear Jean Paul has some new recruits for us.
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Go to the market, recruit the, and send them on missions. Remember to check for new recruits in the market every now and then. On some missions you meed heroes that can handle combat. Remember to try different combinations of mercenaries for each mission. Encountered heavy opposition and could not secure target. Create your own army, recruit heroes. All kinds of missions - take over the world! Run crzay operations - build your empire.

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