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The era where human and gods coexist Evil God "Rexveni" is secretly reviving war of thousand years shall begin again. Tap to enter summon page. Tap on high summon - allows you to summon rare-epic hero. You have 1 free attempts daily. Tap on fight to enter idling page. Tap on challenge stage boss. Tap on hero's portrait to add the hero to the team. When hero attacks or is attacked, they will accumulate rage, or if they have killed an enemy. When rage is full, tehy can unleash hero's exclusive rage skill.

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hack Idle Mythos Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Select a hero to perfect upgrade. Tap to upgrade hero's level. The increasing of the hero's stats will grant higher power.
Continue summoning heroes to expand our team.

cheat Step #2: Use idling yield - can be accumulated for up to 12 hours. Make sure to claim them in time. The yield of the chest can only be accumulated for up to 12 hours, please claim in time. Vip Gain benefit bonus.

code Step #3: Drag the hero in the team to switch the position of the character. Tap to turn on auto combat. Which allows our team to unleash rage skill automatically. Try out the quick battle. WIth a simple tap, you can instantly gain 2 hours of idling yield.

Idle Mythos Step #4: Quick battle - may gain 120 minutes of yielding benefit. Attempts are reset at 0:00 daily. 2 free attempts additionally, you may additionally purchase 5 times. YOu have a free chance to do quick battle daily. Purchasing perk card will grant you more attempts.

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  • 1. Enter cheat - #RWvAsfqx7 :craft equipment to boost your combat power.
  • 2. Hack list: high summon - #fOGGgGX1u legendary hero - #h8ENWuNW0 power up - #4zgVwFIx5 gems - #B3WwFn0Ew novice pack - #O3MnO3BpY growth plan - #n4JqQ2kpq monthly card - #v6hnm1Fks unlimited energy - #XxwbfqPKq supreme card - #dakftLXu8 deluxe funds - #EmB1glmRE gems snatch - #qYBJwlD9G summon exclusive pack - #iAfdfIXys vip 12 status - #xkmqAAk5Z
  • 3. Complete the current 4 quests to claim the ultimate rewards of this chapter and unlock the quests of the next chapter.
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