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Idle Oasis Eternal Game story: - Stop your wishful thinking, Yesacco! The tree of life belongs to Oasis!
- You have lost the power of Eternity Gods. Still trying to safeguard your false world?
- It’s my duty to protect this land!
- Well then. Let me show you the inevitable doom of your pathetic future.
Light Valkyria fell into the clouds. Her life and death have become a mystery. Short after. Yesacco opened the gate of Void. THe shadow army raged a war across the land of Oasis.

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To gain the true power of the tree of life, Yesacco is now seeking the artifact left by the eternity race. Find the artifact before they do! It might be the last hope to save oasis. Brave adventurer, we need your help! The Shadow race has been seen in the iron castle recently. Clues which may lead us to the artifact might be hidden there. Time waits for no one! Let’s begin our journey now! The citizens in the city have been controlled by an unknown power. We have to find the source of the power and save the citizens.

Idle Oasis Eternal cheats, hack codes

Citizens who are controlled by Shadow have lost all inhibition. They will attack anyone on sight. Be careful! A new hero has joined our quest. Brave heroes will keep fighting enemies in campaign. The rewards dropped by defeating enemies will be stored in the idle chest. There are powerful enemies ahead! Press challenge to enter the elite battlefield. Add the summoned hero to the formation. Heroes in the backline will take less damage than heroes in the frontline. Let’s move this long range hero to the backline.
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Heroes will gradually build up energy to cast an exclusive skill, inflicting a powerful strike. Rebecca is a powerful Assassin. With her in the team, our strength has been greatly increased. Assassin heroes can quickly cut into the backline of the enemy team, dealing huge damage to the backline heroes. Warrior heroes will take care of the frontline. Let’s move the assassin hero to the backline!

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