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In the Dresden School of magical mainland, there are many brilliant magicians. The summoner is the unique existence of magicians. They can use soul stones to summon the character in their minds and let them fo things. Alisa is a summoner apprentice of the dresden school, she is highly regarded by his teacher Dres. Recently, a large number of monsters suddenly invade the human world, many summoners call up the hero of mind to resist the invasion, Alisa os on of them.

Idle Summoner hack

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Look, there are some monsters coming over, ask hero to destroy them! The front door seems to be the portal of the monster, go destroy it! Clear monsters brings golds. THe more powerful the monster, the more golds you earn. If the golds reach the limit, ti will not continue to accumulate. Remember to collect golds often! Monsters are gettin more, summon some heroes to help! After summoning heroes, you need to place them in combat team, or they will not appear on the battlefield.

Idle Summoner cheats, hack codes

Upgrading heroes can make them stronger. The items dropped from monster will be collected loot box. Save space for the equipment, or it will not be collected successfully. Click claim button to collect the gear and items to the bag. The bag initially had only twelve grids, you can spend golds or use cheat code to unlock more. Remember to replace the powerful equipment to the summoned hero in time.
Boss level - click the button to challenge it. Wait until your hero is ready. The hero will repeat the killing in the small levels. When your character is strong enough, click the “challenge” button to challenge the boss.
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Cannons are just basic defences, we wouldn’t stand for long if there are too many enemies. Offense is the Don’t forget the magic you learned from the college course, use it! Some heroes cleaned the monsters, it’s safer here. YOu can hire some ordinary soldiers to help us with some tasks. The higher the idle quests level, the more golds you will get. Send more to idle Quests, which help us get golds quickly. At the moment, remember to upgrade heroes. Unlock auto tasks to earn golds continually.

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. ihYZwY - supply box
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Uiwc6W - multiplayer
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tF8G3V - star tokens
Hack I2Bvg4 - artifacts
Cheat ZOTltq - evade
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