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Welcome, adventurer! We’ve been waiting for you! Let me give you a quick tour of this world! A hero never fight alone. Let’s go summon a soldiers for you! Basic summons consume normal summon scrolls and give heroes of 1 to 5 stars. You can get a free summon at regular intervals. Heroic summons consume rare scrolls or diamonds and give heroes of 3 to 5 stars. Go battle with these worthy helpers. You’ll get many resources and rewards.

Idle War Legendary Heroes hack

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Heroes from different races restrain each other. Race advantages increase hit by 15% and deal 30% extra damage. Characters get energy every time they act. Powerful skills can be unleashed when the energy bar is full. Look at trophies! Use the hero shards we just got to fuse units. Lower star heroes grow slowly. They can be disassembled at the altar. The disassembled soul shards and ace crystals are important for enhancing heroes.

Idle War Legendary Heroes cheats, hack codes

Now, we can use the material obtained from disassembling to upgrade a higher star hero. With enough soul shards and coins, we can upgrade heroes. Your characters can’t complete without powerful gears. Get various materials through auto battle. The longer you wait, the more rewards you’ll get. The auto battle rewards only last for 10 hours. They stop increasing after that. Don’t forget to claim them in time!
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Remember you can always perform a heroic summon with the rare summon scroll you just bought. That’s all i know for now. If you aren’t sure about your next step, check the daily quests for instructions.
Limited events: heroic summon - during this event, use rare summon scrolls to summon heroes at the summon hall to gain extra rewards! Summon event: 2x chance for summoning 5-star heroes during the event! Extra higher chance for summoning Dracula as well! Summon dracula for corresponding rewards. Rewards can be obtained repeatedly.

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