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Hack Idola Phantasy Star Saga: cheat List
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Game Story
Legend has it that about 1,200 years ago, the God of Disaster Dark Phallus emerged, and destroyed Vandor. At that time, the Star emperor descended from heaven in the Ark, sealed Dark Phallus, and then revived Vandor’s civilization using the power of Rune. ANd a long long time after that...In Vandor there was some signs of Dark Phallus’ revival again. The heroes did not yet know where their destiny will lead them....

Let me show you how to fight against monsters! First of all, launch an attack! Tap "start"! Like before, tap "start" and everyone will launch their attack in turn. Everything clear about how to launch attacks? Now let's try to use a "skill"! Trying is better than reading! Tap "skill" icon. You can launch a more powerful attack. Although you may want to attack again with the same skill. Once a skill has been used, it will be on cooldown for some time. Before the skill is available again, you can use other skills.
Idola Phantasy Star Saga Hack Basics
Now let me explain "elements" to you. Both us and the enemy have certain types of elements. There are 4 types: fire, wind, water and earth. Attacks on enemies you have elemental advantage over can deal more damage. Every member will choose a target and launch their attack according to the elements. If you don't choose a target, the system will choose for you based on elements. But sometimes, you may want to ignore elements and focus on a specific enemy. In such case, use hack tools, tap the enemy you'd like to attack. This allows you to specify a target. Please bear in mind that this is a useful technique to defeat the most threatening enemies.
After the attacks just now, your "elemental value" has increased. An attack can increase the "element value" of the attacker's element. And if you successfully defeat an enemy, the elemental value of the element same with the fallen enemy's will increase too. With higher value, more powerful skills cna be released.
Idola Phantasy Star Saga Hint & Tips
1. Although skills are very powerful, a skill cannot be used continuously. You need to wait for a number of turns before you can use it again or enter cheats codes.
2. The symbols sold in the "shop" are refreshed daily. Use Rappy's feathers to exchange items.
3. There are 4 types of element fire. Wind and water restrain each other. Earth element deals huge damage to Earth element.
4. How to gain elemental value: characters can increase their elemental value by attacking enemies. When a character's element restrains their target's, they gain more value. A character can gain some of their target's value by killing them.
5. Once a part of an Idola is destroyed, it won't be able to use the skill attached to that part anymore. If 2 parts of an Idola are destroyed, it will suffer more damage. Focus on destroying parts first to make the battle easier.
Idola Phantasy Star Saga Ability
Class feature: Dancers - can inspire friendly units by dancing and add buffs to the whole team. Besides, normal attacks can sometimes be upgraded to charge 2 or charge 3. You can use elemental blast - is kind of a super skill. It can be used when elemental value reaches a certain number or when use cheat code. The "element" icon will turn into the "elemental blast" icon.
Before doing a quest, you can select a friend to join you.
You can use 10 platinum dolls to perform a breakthrough on a character.
Did you notice that the Bonus card effect was triggered when the battle started? There are various kinds of cards and the lineup will change weekly. making a good use of the selected bonus cards is also a strategy.
Idola Phantasy Star Saga Arena
Rules: try your best to win more points in the 3 round battles. Challenge strong opponents with your well tested parties and gain more points. You can gain 6 challenge chances daily.
The side who defeats more characters within 10 turns will be deemed winner. YOur opponents are other players using both their Law party and chaos party. They may also use reverse rushes, so be careful.
There is a special rule in the arena: when a character is defeated, their side's all elemental value will increase by 2. You will still have chances to turn the tide if you use the remaining characters properly!
Party set up: tap the character you want to replace to view the list of characters available. Tap on the unit of your choice to make the replacement. Each hero can equip one weapon symbol and one soul symbol. Tap the symbol slot to view the list of symbols available, then tap a symbol to equip it.
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GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date24 September 2020
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