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How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
The Dream. It is where monsters named nightmare are bred. They erode guman consciousness and fra the edges of reality. Radiants - individuals who bear the powers of heroic spirits Lenses. They stand as the only line of defense between our world and the Nightmares. An perpetual elegy plays on, as heroes and abominations clash, fighting and dying in the Doomsday battles. Shrouded beneath the sky, Nightmare incursions were a unceasing threat. Like some twisted manner of fated reincarnation, the battle begins anew.
When will we be rid of the Nightmares? Will we ever create a homeland free from the threat of invasion. Only the prophesied bearer of the elementium lenses can become our true savior. We spotted more nightmares. Let's put an end to them!
As radiants, we must protect people from the nightmares. The partners ready to be deployed are highlighted and awaiting your orders at the preparation area. Deploying partners requires energy. Using and assigning energy wisely is the key to victory. Every will recover over time. Muscipula squad's garrison station - this is the energy to the dream world and the frontline of the Radiant battle against the nightmare. By getting to know more Radiants, we can better deal with harder dream incidents. Through resonance of Gnosis, summon partners in Dream and establish links with mighty radiants. With more partners, we can organize our troops in lineup.
Hint & Tips
1. Saya is very good at single target attacks. Give her orders to defeat the nightmares.
2. Nina's unique skill can attack a whole column. It's perfect for wiping out weak.
3. You have the special ability to summon other Radiants. Sensing their presence will cost summon tickets, which are formed from your own Gnosis and are a very rare resource. Every 10 times you summon, there will be a more powerful partner answering your summon.
4. Lineup interface - where you can change the battle lineup. When lineup members' total energy is lower than max capacity, there will be attribute increases in battle. Here you can find you and your partners in the lineup and deployed.
5. Make good use of class counter and things will be much easier when you fight the nightmares.
Dream world
Dreams are unbound by the rules of time and space. Dreams that are too powerful may even disrupt order in the real world. Whether it's a sweet dream or a nightmare, an over expanding dream always brings disaster to the real world, it's a Radiant's duty to purge nightmares that may harm people.
It's essential to use hack tools, cheats codes and choose partners' class features wisely when facing a large number of enemies. planning your tactics according to characters' class position is the ley to victory. Guardian type character Victoria is more suitable to deploy at the front to cover teammates in battle. Sorcerer type character Nina is more suitable to stay in the middle and deal damage to enemies in range.
Home is not only a place to rest in. You can also receive gold and abundant rewards here. Unlocking your home has increased the maximum partner limit of your lineup. If you can find a double bed, you can further increase the max partner limit of lineup. Some furniture can provide items like gold, crystal, and partner EXP over time. Furniture position can be adjusted as you like. We can claim gold when the battle is over.
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Hack Release Date03 October 2020
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