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Cheat Immortal Summoners hack android, ios code

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Hack Immortal Summoners: cheat List
recruit x10 - use hack xS8YoAkmQ
friendship points - enter pass BaySREuMZ
speed up - 8d5MHJJ6X
materials - 0SPvGEeun
gold x10000 - x1YqrbVON
reset - NpUiiyTTq
Month Card x1 code - xWUYuUKTz
upgrade cheat - NZBZBP2Y4
daily gift bag x10 - 9hKO1as8Z
secret combination - OFDsl4TuM
level up - C81AU5iXC
EXP dust - gplZeXyco
Beginner bundle - mSQNOvEfN
diamonds x1000 - wyvMQnp0h
Vip 15 status - SpYJDzd45
common ticket x20 - Jhwhkh1uo
special reward - gMQ8SkjHr
How & Where enter
HOW & WHERE ENTER (tap >here<)!
Game Story
The east of the city of light is a bit unusual recently. Brian sent me to check it out. let's go now! Click on my avatar to let me fight. Below the HP bar is the hero's energy value. ATKs or been ATKed will increase the energy value. When the energy value is greater than 100, the unique skill can be released. Click on the hero's avatar to view his detailed information. Click the "upgrade" button to increase his attributes. Just now there is a gear in our trophy, let’s equip. You can easily put on the gear you own with one click equip.
Immortal Summoners Hack Basics
In the process of continuous adventure, we will always get benefits of the adventure, remember to collect it often. The campaign AFK reward is related to the progress of the campaign level, the higher level, the higher the rewards. You can receive the gift pack at the VIP privilege interface.
Hint & Tips
1. The mysterious power causes the time to pass faster, and every time you can immediately get 120 minutes offline rewards (except player experience).
2. Exploration - i heard that you can get a lot of rewards by exploring it.
3. Put your TOP 6 heroes into balance circle, all other heroes will be upgraded to the same level.
Immortal Summoners Faction bonus
Deploy 4 heroes from the same faction can get attribute bonuses: 8% ATK, 10%HP. Demons will not activate the faction bonus, but the number of demons in the team will allow all allies to gain additional attribute bonuses or buffs. Angel heroes can be regarded as any faction heroes except Devil to form a faction bonus.
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Immortal Summoners Redeem gift code
1. PAnkBo0omdsqoLV
2. HGn7yHzeeo8DXjF
3. 0FdKSf72ceuwh63
4. 325XMdNxuGbWjUJ
5. x49kI38oiHlBl9u
Released BySolarios
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Patching InformationTargets ISO (Disc Based)
GenreRole Playing > Action RPG
Hack Release Date02 October 2020
Last Modified02 October 2020
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