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Welcome! As an oriental fantasy MMORPG, it provides the idle mode, which will free your hands and bring you an ultimate game experience. From the 1 us 1 real time combat to the fierce fight against bosses, it is filled with action packed combat and generous spoils for the victors. Besides, you can unlock the second character that will double your CE and help you mow down murderous enemies, when you reaches level 80.

Immortal Origin Vertical hack

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Familiar starter village. Make money by killing the chickens. Open character to equip all gear. Take your weapon and kill the deer, upgrade fast and easy. Killing monsters to lead to the stage boss. Open skill to quickly upgrade: saint light - attack the target based on ATK. Smash blade - use shock to attack. Saint slay - sweep away the enemy. Attack various targets each time cause attack 70% damage. Saint slay - hit away the target with shield and petrify it for 2 seconds. Flame blaze - summon flareon to attack on weapons.

Immortal Origin Vertical cheats, hack codes

Get more reinforcement stone to forge items. There is the magic hole of maggots, see if you can get a paralyzing ring. Kill the monster to upgrade the starters. Level combat - the corresponding reward can be claimed by reaching a specified level during the server opening period. Use the obelisk to equip weapon blueprints. Attributes - spend bits to enhance your physical and mental capabilites. Melee weapon scaling - increases damage dealt with melee attacks. Reload speed hack - increases ranged weapon reload speed. Critical damage bonus - increases bonus damage dealt when inflicting critical hits on enemies.
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Dodge speed - increases the speed of your dodge rolls, making it easier to avoid attacks. Med pack speed - decreases the time it takes to use a med pack. Health cheat code - increase your health pool, making you able to withstand more damage before dying. Flinching reduction - reduces accuracy penalties when damaged. Stamina - increases your pool, allowing you to dodge and run more before being exhausted. Stamina recovery - increases how fast your stamina is restored while recovering.

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