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Uncle Boss, look! Another monster! It might be another potential customer. Customers matter!
Those summoned monsters look younger these days isn't it?
Stop complaining. You know the warriors are so insolent. They owned the monsters several month of salaries. Their boss tried to request a justified reason but...They didn't get the paid back and their boss was captured in ruling tower. He can only summon little monsters nearby to rescue him. He is just another rescuer in this suicide mission.
We have to save the Devil King. All right! Let's get to the tower. I will tell you the detail on the way.

iMonster Classic cheats, hack codes

1. uyQ8R0Sl - gene points
2. h4tE58ws - rune
3. Enter 3KzhHoEW - artifact
4. Pass wQ6wFfTk - legendary gear
5. eXkULaBK - level up
6. Enter xQlYs1NP - upgrade
7. Eubo2L8w - more backpack space
8. hp1Us1hb - gems
9. YSQhvECM - unlock map
10. 9eEOGXTt - increase luck
11. 9dYbeALP - restore health
12. CoQbY1y4 - gift pass
13. 1MfrjyZg - game coupon code

Battle: We have entered ruling tower. In short our rescue plan is divided into three steps! Step 1: we go through the forest and get into the first floor or the tower, yes, right here. Step 3: we find stairs and rush to the roof to rescue Devil king Setek! Now we need to plan for the second step in detail.
As you can see, warriors are everywhere. You need use cheats codes and to kill them and strengthen yourself. Find stairs, climb to the top and save the Devil king.
Be careful. Enemies are not rookies. You cannot evade attacks as we elves do. You may get hurt every time you fight!

Level up iMonster Classic hack tools: you know you've leveled up? Boring, but little monsters can modify their DNA by learning different skills after they upgrade. Yes, you've got one Gene point. Want me to teach you how to remold yourself? Click on the screen for three times and shake your phone for five times. Do you see own monster gene? Here you can modify your DNA by using Gene points to learn skills.
Every time you learn and upgrade a skill, you will consume 1 gene point. Choosing the most fittest skill to modify your DNA will make you a unique monster.

Basics: Look at the lower right corner of the screen. The red bar is your HP, if it lowers to zero, it means you need to get healed. Wait, means you’re dead. The red bottle on the left is a HP potion. A bite of them can restore half of your HP. They will be recharged to 10 bottles every time you enter the Ruling tower or use cheat code. You’ve found a stair and activate it? Climb up the stairs and get closer to the Devil king. Watch the stairs mark on the left upper corner. Once you have activated the stairs, you will never get lost in this stair wherever you run. If you want to return to the stairs, just click onto this icon.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. As i just said, those enemies are tough. If you don’t fight them without any better equipment, you’ll die.
  • 2. Click on the minimap on the upper left corner to see the whole picture on this floor. It’ll save much time.
  • 3. Select a skill and click the confirm button to learn or upgrade it costs one gene point.
  • 4. Sometime you need to check your bag if any new stuff is added to your backpack. You can get this item after clearning the backpack, or just discarded it? It looks like you've collected a lot, and your backpack is full. If you don't want this item, you cna throw it away by clicking on the trash bin button on the left. But if you want to keep this item, you need to click on the sort button on the right to MPge your backpack, so you can have more spaces for new items or use cheats codes.
    You can click on the trash bin button above the items bar to discard items in the backpack one by one or in batch, You can also click the unlock button to buy more backpack space. After confirming that the backpack space is enough, close the interface and you can get more new items.
  • 5. Remember, the higher you climb, the higher level the warriors will be! Find a warrior and hold on him to check his information.

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