Portal Knights cheats hack: gold, ruby, talent, attribute
Portal Knights hacked
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    .Portal Knights cheat free hack code list - stone shard, attribute points, ruby, level up, talents, craft items, unlimited resources, blocks, gold, health.

    Portal Knights cheat world: in the forgotten days, the world was peaceful and whole. But the fracture arrived, and tore the realm apart. Now the only connection between disparate lands are the ancient portals, and they are guarded by covetous fiends who thrive in the darkness. The world awaits heroes who will restore light to the portals, and reunite the peaceful realm.


    Move around using the virtual joystick. Look around by dragging the screen. Tap “B” to jump. Open the backpack by tapping the “...” button and move the minor healing potion stack to your action bar. Press the camera button in the upper right to enter the first person view. Attack an enemy with your weapon by tapping on it or pressing “A”.

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    Portal Knights cheats android, ios hack codes

    Characters: the warrior wields swords and axes to defeat their enemies in melee combat. The warrior can also use mighty shouts to strengthen teammates and weaken foes. Primary attributes: constitution - increases health points. Strength - increases melee damage. Ranger - uses a bow to defeat enemies from afar. They can also lob bombs to destroy blocks and foes alike. Primary attributes: agility - increases movement speed. Dexterity - increases ranged damage. Mage - uses magic wands and staffs to defeat their enemies, and has access to a variety of powerful spells. Primary attributes: Wisdom - increases mana points. Intelligence - increases spell damage.

    Portal Knights - wing
    Tap on enemies to lock them. Swipe on the virtual joystick or press ‘B” to evade. Open the chest to collect your reward. Items: workbench - used to craft wooden items. Stone pickaxe - effectively mines stone, ores, coal and metal blocks. Sharpening stone - restores 400 durability for all items in the action bar. Swiftness potion - increase your movement speed by 40% for 10 seconds.

    Portal Knights secret code hack tips

    Tip, android gameplay secrets: mine a stone block by long pressing on it. Get rid of the crates. Collect the loot from the crates. Blue portal stone - these mysterious fragments form the cubes that power the portal network. Repair the broken workbench by crafting its upgrade. Step through the portal to discover a new island. Open the character screen by pressing “C” and distribute your skill points and choose a talent.


    Wisdom - affects your ability to cast spells. Each point in wisdom increases your pool of mana points. Agility - affects how fast you run. Each point in agility increases your movement speed. Dexterity - affects your aim from afar. Each point in dexterity increases the damage of your ranged attacks. Strength - affects your striking power. Each point in strength increases the damage of your melee attacks. Constitution - increases your pool of health points.

    Portal Knights hacked

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    1. 7KjFITfzTc - stone shard
    2. 9jcKJyX50W - attribute points
    3. AmvOiiOa9s - ruby
    4. NZuCFqi4c5 - level up
    5. OLGEVQYjSr - talents
    6. LFogi8V3X6 - craft items
    7. sEHje1fYF5 - unlimited resources
    8. U1eMiFgzRv - blocks
    9. r12dUKmAST - gold
    10. FDuCda8ilz - health
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