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Human - According to legend, at the beginning of creation of the world, when Strockanos created life, energy particles from his blood dripped onto the land, forming a creature distinct from other - the humans. As intelligent life formed in the continent of Mekaa, the land gradually fell out of the control of the Gods. Humans quarreled, lived, and fought, and over the course of thousands of vears nurture...

Goblin - These are humanoid creatures with a simple social structure, short in stature, with yellow-green skin, ugly and hideous faces, and strange pointed ears. Goblins seem to be born enemies of humans, preferring to steal and pick up human clothing, weapons, and food, and often directly attack humans. They can be found in the wilderness, fields or swamps, and if you hear their sharp, weird voices, be vigilant, these guys are...

Beast - Humans on the Mekaa Continent refer to flying birds and four legged animals, snakes, insects, mice and ants as beasts. These strange looking creatures with different habits do not possess intelligence comparable to humans. Humans have tried to tame beasts, but eventually, only a few people with special abilities can communicate with them. Year after year, day after day, humans developed industry and...

Elven - The Elven emerged from the collaboration between the gods of agriculture and fare, they were so amazed at the wonders of the Lord God's creation that were determined to create another intelligent lifeform to demonstrate their abilities. After thousands of years of meticulous work by the two gods, those beautiful, animated-looking creatures metamorphosed into a new species, the elves. However, these small and usually...

Evil Spirit - Before humans started new industries, there were very few records of evil spirits in the history of the Mekaa Continent. Some even say that this fierce, fearsome race that glows strangely in the dark is a revenge given to mankind by the gods. In fact, the predecessors of these evil spirits are the undead. Those undead spirits who have come in touch with the magic copper will become evil spirits. The birth of the evil spirits has...

Nightmare - After the creation of the world, the Lord God Strockanos left two types ofenergy on the earth. The solid one is the magical copper that powers the traditional industrial nations, and the other, the a scalding liquid energy that incubates new life forms - the human and the nightmare. If humans are the animists on the continent of Mekaa, the nightmare are a collection of desires that hold power, money, beauty, and all other obsessions in...

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