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Find a trace of the past at the end of the world destroyed by endless battles. When the fated day comes, the sky will shatter and a pillar shall descend on the trace. A hero who is destined to bring balance to this chaotic world shall descend with the pillar. Your fate is bound by that hero, so the hero shall lead you to salvation.

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Characters: Wyler - makes use of his high HP to fight at the every front line and protect the pets. He has high HP and ATK but relatively low attack speed.
Azurea - stands at the forefront in battle, speedily dispatching her opponents. She has high attack speed, but relatively low hp and attack.
Ren - snipes at enemies from a far, turning the tides of battle to het advantage. She has the longes attack range of any character, but relatively low HP.
Taos - relies on his ability to inflict critical hits, aiming to deal decisive blow in battle. Taos can also remove buffs from enemies, winning battles in unconventional ways. Relies on his ability to inflict critical hits.

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You can obtain lots of gems by completing daily missions and achievement missions. Use gold keys to level up characters and pets. These levels will not be rest after using ascension. Gold keys can be acquired by using ascension after beating 100 stages in adventure mode.
Hatch pets from eggs so they can hoin you on your journey! You can create various pet parties. After selecting a pet in a party menu, press the save button to add it to the battle party.
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Train heroes and pets to hunt monsters and set out on an adventure with no end in sight. Each character has an attack skill that can take out enemies with a single blow!
Soul stones can be used to purchase special pets in the pet shop. Use gold to level up weapons or armor and upgrade pet stats. Level up weapons or armor to increase a character’s ATK and HP respectively.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • An employee's rank remains the same across different stages.
  • Leveling up your stores will increase customer purchases. Make sure to level up performance, too, so the employees can keep up!
  • Are your employees standing around, yawning with nothing to do? Level up your store and lobby to get more work.
  • Gold can be acquired by killing monsters or beating the gold dungeon.
  • After dying, a pet cannot be used until its cooldown time elapsed.
  • Use of ascension requires you to start the adventure from the beginning. Character weapon/armor and pet stats will be reset.
  • Evolutionary stones are categorized by type: hammer, sword, bow, and wand. They are used to increase the star grades of pets.

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Place pets that like each other together in the party to get team buffs and rewards. The pet in slot 1 will be at the very front and the pet in slot 4 will be at the very back. Pets are graded from 1-6 stars. When they reach the maximum level, they can be evolved.
You’ll earn a wide variety of rewards for beating daily missions and earning achievements. The gold keys obtained through ascension can be used to level up pets. After leveling up pets, you can use gold to improve their stats.
Infinite Dungeon Breach tutorial

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