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The good King had died, and no one could decide. Who was rightful heir to the throne. Devils appear, to destroy the works of the mankind. It seemed that the land would be torn by devils, or saved by a miracle alone. And that miracle appeared in the countryside of the kingdom: the sword in the stone. The one who pull the sword, will become the king and lead the knights to defeat devils.

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You were the young man that drew the sword from the stone, right? Please come and lead us to defeat the devils. First, we need to form a chivalric order, let me take you to recruit some new blood.
Hire - here, you can find knights from all over the world. They all are willing to devote themselves to fight the devil knight. Pick a knight and recruit him.

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Ok, we can start to fight the monsters now. You have to climb to the top floor in order to defeat the evil king. The monsters will be stronger in the upper floors. Challenging the devil king on the top level is no easy task, keep recruiting and training your knights, build the kingdom and challenging, you will get to the top of that lower one day!
Infinite Knights Classic wiki
The equipments of the knights will go back to the inventory after consuming the knights to level up. You can level up the knights in training room. Its important to have healing skills.
Your knights took back the properties the Devils took away from this country. The gold can help us rebuild the damaged parts of the castle.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps:
  • You can utilize gold to repair damaged buildings and level up the castle simultaneously.
  • First, repair the two damaged buildings and bring the castle up to level 2.
  • A higher level castle will allow you to recruit stronger and different classes of knights.
  • For every 3 level you advance, you’ll be able to maximum number of knights in your team. Please keep leveling up your buildings.
  • You will receive a handsome reward by completing the tutorials. Once you completed all of them you can come back to the Council to take on new missions.

Infinite Knights Classic tips
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Every time you use codes you will get ad free tickets. Go to upgrade the castle if you want more classes and levels.
Forge equipments to power up your knights.
Infinite Knights Classic tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Infinite Knights Classic: gold, gift box, exclusive pack, ad ticket.

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