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Select faction: Caravan of Pangu - affiliated to the Pangu corporation, which has a deep technological accumulation in the field of construction machinery, has long been involved in the development and construction of the Stargate, and has maintained close economic and trade ties with the Antonios Consortium.
Infinite Lagrange: The city of Antontas - it is composed of five urban districts, namely, central district, southern district, north, brown and long island district. The city of Antontas was initially planned to have only three urban areas, but with continuous development and expansion, two more urban areas were created. The headquarters of Antonios consortium os located in giant city, which is quite famous in the Milky way. It is also known as ABE along with Noma shipping groups city of Belobog and city of Endless Dawn in the earth circle. THe city plays a huge role in commerce and finance and provides support for the development and maintenance of Lagrange system of the galaxy.

Infinite Lagrange cheats, hack codes

1. d8Dzzdf9 - resources
2. P7CBuswu - unlock area
3. Enter hack AhfWhrCc - credits
4. Pass 7eVoZyWz - speed up
5. f4WWC9pJ - blueprint
6. Enter FRPzBixH - weapon tech
7. F1dzj6H5 - Black market tech files
8. R4j5GA7O - Ship BP files
9. 22JVNg5d - all construction
10. 9xeFYd1B - protection. When under protection, the player’s buildings and fleets are immune to attacks from other players.

Areas: parking - the place where the ship’s anchored can provide the replenishment service of deuterium fuel, and at the same time it is equipped with some maintenance modules, which can carry out quick and small scale maintenance for the ships. District: industrial - in the industrial area developed on the site of the holy family shipyard, there are dozens of large warships and utility ship manufacturers, hundreds of shipyards, and ore collection and refining facilities. It is an important industrial center of the consortium.

We need to build shipyard for ship production. Infinite Lagrange Ships: An’s security patrol - lifeguard class frigates, equipped with small artillery and radar systems, which can quickly deal with public security incidents and detect enemies in time.
Resource transport fleet - a large mining fleet carrying crystal mines, consisting of several x20 utility ships, has provided a large amount of metal materials for the construction of the city of Antontas. Use cheats codes, hack tools - unlock all units. Ships can be grouped into fleets to execute your directions.
Resources: hydrogen - deuterium provides fuel that can be used for ship navigation. Metal - can be used in space construction. It takes resource to build and produce, so we need to produce ligh utility ship to mine.

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Infinite Lagrange Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Travel through the lagrance gate, and explore a new star system.
  • 2. Build the utility dockyard facilities - you can have the ability to produce utility ships.
  • 3. The construction takes time, please use speed up cheats codes to accelerate.
  • 4. Area indicates the operation area of out forces, you can give orders within the area. The estimated time will be given, your directions will be executed after confirmation.
  • 5. In order to defeat Privateer fleet, we need to create a new operation. After the operation area is designated, the fleet can execute orders in the area. According to the estimate of combat power, our fleet can defeat the enemy, please confirm the attack order.
  • 6. The strength of the pirates should not be underestimated. Use hack tools, get more blueprints through research, and enhance the strength of your fleet. Enter Infinite Lagrange cheats codes, drag the blueprint file to the research branch. Choose a weapon technology to research. After the research is completed, the subsequent tree nodes cna be unlocked.
  • 7. Black market tech files: contains different types of weapon techs with a chance to get blueprints.
  • 8. Ship BP files - contains military blueprints and several weapon techs with a chance to get blueprint tech.

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