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Free hack Infinity War The Cross Guardians cheats code list - gold coins, gem crystal, month card, promo ticket, credits, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial.
Infinity War The Cross Guardians cheat world:
1. bnznPcqmLE - buff 2. vlcNZLsNRS - speed up 3. d5pnZPmAFE - level up 4. ACR1Vn1n3m - increase damage 5. DTQBXd1FCO - attack speed x10 Croizen’ a land where breath of the gods stays, a mysterious continent where magic and legend are alive. Crymond which is called Tears of the gods and excavated in Croizen only is a major ingredient for strong magic.
The 6 tribes including a human, elf, furry, a demon, and a celestial being that govern the continent Croizen. The battles for possessing Crymond among the tribes have finally turned into the wars among the tribes. The continent has been the theater of the wars for 500 years.
The elders of the demons got distressed following continuous defeats and tried “hell breath”,a forbidden summoning magic that is written in the bible of Choizen.

Infinity War The Cross Guardians hack

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The elders of the demons got encroached by evil spirits after using hell breath, and created red crymond which generates a channel for devils in a multi dimensional place.
The elders of each tribe facing an extinction crisis gathered together at the “spring of the beginning” where the evil spirits cannot reach and declared the ened of the wars among all the tribes.
Although they promised to build a church against the devils, but the distrust being generated during 500 years of the wars made the tribes criticize and fight each other and the plan ended up being failed.
The mercenaries of each tribe founded a mercenary guild “Cross Guardians” and finally won the battle against the devils for the first time.

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1. 1DeuuKflTs - unlock soldiers 2. xatG9BHNif - coins of honor 3. 8TXZE5P3wS - stone 4. S64fo2aHJV - skills 5. 0ITiWxflBT - ability

Infinity War The Cross Guardians hack month card
Now a new war of heroes begins to protect destiny of the 6 tribes exceeding time and dimension.
What has been predicted over the 5000 years of time and dimension. “The book of apocalypse” which was written in the Choizen bible only. The epic of anonymous heroes that decided to save the world. In the future, the war shall be written as the biography of the heroes of Cross Guardiands.
Lord, there are many monsters in humans’ kingdom. Allow me to brief you about what to do in combat. On the right of the screen are different action buttons. Now please attack by choosing one. Please click on the enemy you’d like to attack.
We will explain the icons at the very top the play screen:
user defense tower health bar;
current stage number;
the current gold amount of is used for soldiers level up;
the amount of Crymond is used for amount of soldier and Holy item purchase and also for skill and Holy item level up;
The amount of coin of honor that you have is used for character compose and evolving;
the current stones of amount is used for materials of amount for reinforce soldiers.

Infinity War The Cross Guardians wiki
Medal of honor - is used for raid and PvP admission fee.
Settings - the option menu relates with information of the game, the game graphics, sound and many other options may be controlled.
Mail - notice, different rewards, mission and purchase items are found. The holytime bag - is able to check the Wm amount of holyitems pieces, and is also able tp be sold.
Map - the current player’s stage progress my be found at the content of Croizen.
Buff - 5 types: speed, gold crymond, coin of honor and stone.
Time of buff used and time remaining money is shown.

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1 swgBQOa9UK medal of honor
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3 hr0jIaLNdi credits
4 8RfmOEFrHU promo code
5 VetvxphgNe gift box
6 nvmwbpG2JG gold coins
7 AK8vGRACF6 month card
8 DIyYEOQrmR premium pack
9 1f6ag3QAKz chest
10 m6WQPjoi4p vip ticket
11 OH7eNXjwWx crymond

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Tip, android gameplay secrets:
  • Please set it "sleep mode" when you leave it alone.
  • The blue square icon at the top of the screen is crymond.
  • Skills is a powerful weapon of soldiers.
  • Special abilities and effects are added when you hold a set of Holy items.
  • D5wu7mT8Vo - You can own up to 1000 soldiers.
  • HRgoZpedBl - The beginner package is very useful when you start the game.
  • kDy38i4h6P - The medal of honor, is used as admission fee for the boss raid.
  • You can get buffs and goods through advertisment viewing.
  • H0XtXV2JAH - There is a no limit to the number of times you can view ads

Infinity War The Cross Guardians tips
Hack cheats tutorial Infinity War The Cross Guardians(wiki): Next, we will explain the menu in the middle section:
Battle - the list shows soldiers that are combat in battles currently and is able for level up, forging, battle and standby.
All - shows the list of all the soldiers that the player possess therefore is able to battle and standby for battles.
Supply - after being rewarded with supply (gold, crymond, coin of honor, stone and medal of honor) you will start back at stage 1.(the information of the soldiers that you currently own will remain the same)
Knights&towers - information of the tower and characters etc. Strengthening the tower increases the skill and ability of the soldiers.
If the auto is turned on the soldiers level up will be done automatically.
Infinity War The Cross Guardians tutorial

Tips to enjoy special rewards Infinity War The Cross Guardians: gold, gift box, medal of honor, credits.

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