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Infinity Kingdom Game story: the philosopher’s stone - a human soul bound by rarest alchemy is the key to opening the ultimate gate! The fight for the stone has been a curse and the kingdoms of man have been at war for hundreds of years. But, all the while, gnome’s forces in the distant north were quietly rising. Three years ago the gnomes shattered the northern line of defense and led their mechanical army into the fray. One by one, our cities are falling.If nothing is done, the human world may face its doom.

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Dear lord, we have been Sieged by Gnomes for 3 days. And the storm is coming, we need to get rid of this situation as soon as possible. Here arrived the reinforcements! Powerful and fearless immortals will eliminate those evil and cold blooded.
The three kingdoms have been gathering powerful lords to retake the occupied cities form the Gnomes. Now is the time for us to respond to the kingdom’s call! With a powerful kingdom as a backing, i believe you will stand out and create brilliance.
With the help of Royal alchemist our city recovered miraculously

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Race: Vitas (nature and dignity) - located in the most fertile area of the continent. Here, the sacred tree, Saris, the symbol of the supreme law of nature, is the faith of the noble Vitas. After the war of Allocen, Vitas adhered to the principle of respecting for life, regardless of the enemy or friend, rescued countless wounded soldiers on the battlefield.
Ruslan (valour and strength) - the kingdom originated from a relatively barren living environment, and developed the brave and stubborn personality of Ruslans, as well as their powerful combat capabilities, just like the Crown lion they admired.
Ydvia (mystery and rationality) - it is said that the owl is the messenger of the Goddess. The people of Ydvia believe that it represents the exclusive mystique and Ydvia. Unlike Ruslan’s combat capabilities, Ydvia enveloped the strongest alchemists on the continent. The powerful alchemy deterred the other two kingdoms and made it proud of Northeim.
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We need to build some basic infrastructure to get fully prepared for fighting against gnomes. First of all, please build a farm. Food, is essential to upgrade buildings and train troops. Each time we upgrade the buildings, woods is needed. Therefore, we need to build a lumber mill.
By the power of Philisopher stone, alchemist could summon the immortals from the other world. They have incredible element power, which can help us to fight against gnomes. I believe you can summon the powerful immortals, who can fight with us against those Gnomes.
After your victory, the checkpoint will be marked with the flag of your kingdom.

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