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Welcome, commander! We will have to go through basic orientation rather quickly, so let’s get right to it! We should start by bolstering our ranks. There is a loyalist outpost nearby that was causing us troubles lately. Your new recruits are waiting to be trained and deployed. Se;ect the military district, commander.

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All your troops can be recruited through military district. Select the recruit button to open the appropriate tactical interface. Tap the rifleman squad to select them. They are great at dealing with LSVs and UGVs (light strike and unmanned Ground vehicles). Select the maximum number of troops by dragging the slider to its right most position. Now just tap the hack button to begin! You can use speed ups to reduce troop recruitment time.

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Commander, your forces have been assembled and awaiting your command. Let’s find and clear outpost! They will think twice before causing more trouble. Using our recon satellites, we can easily locate the enemy. Tap cheat code to focus over them. Select the rebel outpost in order to give the command to attack. You can see the enemy’s total force and the rewards you’ll win for defeating the troops on these coordinates. Tap attack to begin.
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Use the slider to select the maximum number of troops for the attack march. You can easily monitor your forces marching toward the enemy’s location!
A swift victory! Let’s check the combat report in inbox for more details. You can watch every battle that has been recorded in your reports.
You can increase the benefits and productivity of each district by building improvements.

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  • Completing improvements also helps you level up your districts and gain new advantages.
  • Tap cheat to begin construction. Improvements in progress can be seen in the building queue.
  • Last but not least upgrading your HQ unlocks new district improvements and provides bonuses for your city.
  • Congratulations, commander! Your tour of the base is complete. If you need more help follow the campaign missions to build a great and powerful city.

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Hack cheats tutorial Instant War(wiki): Quests:
Meeting in the desert - the delta syndicate has assassinated the commander of a dusty desert base. You are his replacement. Establish your command: change your name, select your avatar, choose your general.
Enemy within - on their way out, the delta syndicate agents sabotaged the key resource infrastructure. Restore production to regular levels: bild wheat field, storehouse in industrial district; collect resources from your district.
Instant War tutorial

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