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Okay, lets start with fight controls. First, learn to control the ship's pitch. Pull back on the joystick to rotate the ship up. Push it forward to rotate it down. Tweak the settings on your left until you're comfortable. Try looking at the nearby disabled craft marked on your screen.
Next, learn to roll your ship. Pull left on the joystick to roll the ship left. Push it right to roll it right. Again, tweak the settings on your left until you're comfortable.

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hack Interloper Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools):We've just pointed you in a new direction. Look at the disabled ship once more. If you're having issues, try changing the sensitivity. Once you're done we'll move onto thrust.

cheat Step #2: In combat, you'll often find yourself in the path of incoming fire. For these cases you can perform a dodge roll. Tap either the left or right dodge buttons to perform this action. To the left of your stick, you'll find the thrust control. Push this forward to accelerate to your maximum velocity. Pull it back to bring your ship to a stop.

code Step #3:You should see several targets just warped in. Your current target is yellow. A bordered target is in range. Weapons fire automatically when in range and in front of your ship. Tap to reload them manually in quiet moments.

Interloper Step #4: You hull and shields are represented at the top of your screen. Your shields will recharge automatically over time, but your hull damage will need manual repairs.
On your left you;ll find the utilities installed on your ship. Press the field repairs to fully repair your hull.

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  • 2. Clear items to make space in your inventory.
  • 3. Weapons:
    MX 24 - missile launcher: the mainstay for fighter pilots in the 20th and 21st centuries, the venerable missile is still used to this date to deliver a firey payload to the enemy. Long range missile weapon. Projectiles track targets for a limited time. Small damage radius.
    Insurgent force - your wings of fighters at your disposal. Reinforces friendly fleet by (count) every (interval) seconds up to (max).
    Afterburner - we put rockets on your rockets. Adds strength to velocity for (activation time) seconds.
    Strike wing - use combined arms with this sortle of fighters, bombers and lancers.
  • 4. Survival run - survive against three waves of commonwealth fighters. Each wave lasts for 60 seconds, with new fighters constantly entering the arena. Earn a random upgrade for each wave you survive. Warp out early to gain all earned upgrades.
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