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Interrogation Deceived Game mode: visual novel (explore the story) - key decisions on ethics, approach and management remain in your hands, while the conversational gameplay is replaced by guided sequential dialogue.
Detective mode (you have this) - moderately difficult conversational gameplay. With detective thoughts as tips, and an increased campaign budget, expect some uncanny confessions!
interrogation challenge (you will be deceived) - demanding conversational gameplay. You will need to try interrogations multiple times and may need to rewind the campaign.

Interrogation Deceived hack

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Welcome. This will be the first drill session of the investigate interview and interrogation techniques course. We’ll be bringing in a subject. They’re a trained actor, but should be fully in character for the duration of the interview. I’m considered invisible and inaudible by the actor, but i’ll be guiding you along. Before any interrogation, the first thing to do is to consult the subject’s file. This should give you vital insights into the case, helping you to identify what information or confession needs to be extracted.
When you’re done checking the files, you can bring in the subject. Be careful though - now is not the case - but when it will be a time - sensitive situation, this is when the clock starts ticking.

Interrogation Deceived cheats, hack codes

So first things first, let’s just try and straight up ask him. You can check the accusation question every now and then to get a sense of whether you’re close to a confession. Right, so that “surprisingly” didn’t work. We need to get the subject in the right state of mind to give us answers. So how do we do that? We have the following tools which we can use to see what state the subject is in: this shows us how open the subject is, by looking at pupil dilation corroborated with a few other signals. The wider the pupils are, the more open the subject is. Meter tells us how scared the subject is, by measuring pulse as well as other bodily symptoms. The quicker the heart rate, the more scared the subject is.
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Now you can influence these meters in all sorts of ways, from building a personal connection to exploiting their background, from cornering them in contradictions to roughing them up. Be careful, some questions will alienate the subject instead of bringing them closer. Other questions will seem disingenuous if they’re approached too suddenly. You’ll probably want to start off as soft as possible. Don’t be afraid to ask a question more than once. Asking again with the subject in a different state or with new information on the table can yield new results. Sometimes, the talks reveal new information that you can further pursue. At any time you can stop the recorder tracking your questioning. This will make people suspicious. The public will ask what happened when the recording was stopped. You’ll be accused, but ultimately it’s your word against theirs. In a pinch,’s something to consider.

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