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- Help me! I'm right over here.
- But where are you exactly?
- Here, at the edge of the forest, behind the trees.
- Papa forbids me from going into the forest. He says it's dangerous.
- but i'm not in the forest, i'm next to it. Don't you want to rescue me? Then we could play together.
Okey, just don't stop talking, please. I'll follow your voice.

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To find me, you needsome magic sparks that light the way! Firstly, try to put runes in a row. Combining, the runes turn into magic sparkles. Keep them in your bag, we'll need them later. Sparks are now the main goal for us to go further. If you don't collect 100 sparks, you will lose! Combine runes to get sparkles.

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Besides the main goal, there are additional ones. Collect runes of these colors, it is very important to complete all 3 goals! You soon find out why. Try to keep in mind number of moves left. You still have 15 more, try t complete all the goals.

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Also you can get sparkles for unused moves in the end of the game. The more moves are left, the better to you. Look up at the stars at the top of the screen. They help you to find the way to new locations. You can get the stars for completing level goals. Collect at least 20 stars for 8 levels to go further on the map.

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