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Into the Dusk redeem codes

Spelling skills require the same energies written on cards. In each battle, 2 seconds to restore 1 energy. When there are enough energies, swipe the card up to cast the spell. When the charging bar appears, the enemy is about to release its mega skills. Each crystal provides 1 chance to replace the card, and 1 crystal is restored every 5 seconds. Swipe the card down to replace the card. You can replace them as the same time.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Some skills need a target. Press and swipe to the hero you want it to receive. Each skill used grants 1 arcane energy to its hero. When the energy bar is full, click the hero portrait to release Arcane skill (mge skill).
cheat, Step #2: Use cards: potential - dispels all negative effects and increase ATK. Observe - with an acute observation, increases energy recovery speed. Power Slash - charges, dealing damage equal to 300% of ATK to enemies in range. Execution - pulls a bow quickly and shoots 5 arrows, with each arrow dealing dark damage equal to 150% of ATK to a random enemy. Dead arrow - takes in dead gas to form into arrow, using 10% of current HP to deal dark damage equal to 500$ of ATK to an opponent.
Into the Dusk code, Step #3: You can view hero status. Shards collected from adventures can be used to fuse characters. Shards are also important for advancing heroes. Shards will be stored in your bag. Open your bag and fuse shards into heroes. Unlocking C level units requires 10 shards.
Step #4: The academy has made preliminary progress in the study of archaic shards. With knowledge of archaic shards. Submit archaic shards to access relic items. Archaic power can be used to boost the power of relic items. Each hero can carry up to 1 relic item. Relic items will take effect for all deployed heroes. Defeat elite or stronger monsters to earn relic items.

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