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Well, well, well what do we have here? Another mortal trying to steal my treasure?! Let’s see what you are made of! Pick the starting tile. You have made first step into my dungeon. Can you find the treasure and escape before i destroy you? Watch your head, once you hit a wall, your turn is over. On your turn, you can make limited number of steps. You have entered a tile, which is located 3 steps away from the treasure and me. I have woken up and following you. I can walk diagonally. Fortunately for you, only one tile per turn!

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You are getting weaker with every wound, mortal! When the nu,ber of steps per turn becomes less than 4, you will die! You can tap on button in lower right corner to end your turn. You have found my treasure! Now, try to get out of my dungeon. By the way, the treasure is quite heavy, so you have just 4 steps left. You’ve earned my respect, mortal. You have managed to steal a little bit of my gold. I will wait you to come back for a rematch!

Into The Dungeon cheats, hack codes

Look how lucky you are, hero! I’ve been standing here for quite a while, and i keep seeing heroes disappear forever in the dungeon, yet you have come back! You have even managed to grab some gold! Why don’t you check out my shop: i have many things that you could find handy. Here you will findeverything you need to enter the dungeon. Now you are definitely ready to go back and grab lots of treasure! Don’t forget to visit me every time before you descend into the dungeon!
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Ability: clairvoyance - at the start of each turn, reveals the contents of the selected tile. This ability may only be used a limited number of times. Quick reflexes -gets 1 extra step after colliding with a wall. Regeneration - restore 1 step every 2 turns. Shield block - blocks damage from the slaw trap. The sixth sense - warns about traps in an adjacent tile.

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