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Invasion Zombie Empire Game story: wars among European countries have lasted for years. The invaders have created an army of zombies, and Europe’s about to be devoured by darkness. At this very moment, only the bravest of the resistance is still standing and finding against them. You and they are the only hope for europe.
After three days of battling, we’ve finally taken down this city. It’s our base now. Through the invaders are out there ready to assault is any time we can at least have peace for a moment.

Invasion Zombie Empire hack

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Constantly ravaged by wars all cities have become barren lands. As the head of this city. I must protect it. Our superiors have assigned 3 officers to join us: Maria, Linda, Riven. Please select 1 of them as your assistant. Upon your request, i’ve investigated the city perimeter. The situation is worse than we expected. The invader’s zombies are all around our base right now, and they could attack at any time! To resist them we can only rely on ourselves.

Invasion Zombie Empire cheats, hack codes

Commander , the invaders’ overwhelming strength worries me, but i still believe in you. We need more powerful weapons. This will be the key to winning the war. Tanks are an infantry’s nightmare. Hearing them sends a shiver down my spine. Let’s start building the armory. Tap produce to start producing tanks. The armory capacity is still low, but producing 20 at once is not out of the question. It’s time to take a break. I’ll wait for you in the club.
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We just opened this pub this morning. Although i’m not feeling very comfortable here, we still need a place to relax. Now the tanks are all damaged. Are you still sitting there doing nothing? Get up and build a garage. Riven defeated the enemies, so the resources here are well preserved, good enough to repair tanks. THis is much faster than producing new ones.

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