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Select faction: saint Heiler Curia - is a teocratic state that believes in Baldr, the God of light, and seeks to put an end to the Tyral conflict.
Griffin empire - is a large empire of military and political integration. They advocate the use of force and intend.
Tyral federation - is a kingdom which is comprised of many different city states.
Join a random faction for the reward.

Invoker Global cheats, hack codes

1. py5HouSL - summon heroes
2. DRStfG3B - unlimited stamina
3. Enter hack uoA51ID9 - diamonds
4. Pass qkrzwY0C - gold coins
5. hrocOBMH - starsoul
6. Enter l0VmwxOA - element dust: fire, water
7. rbx6QIft - soulstone
8. vaFImoTY - lucky pack
9. PYPD9VtA - monthly card

Invoker Global Controls: energy maxed? Time to unleash the ultimate skill and burn them all to cinders. Every hero has a core gear slot that matches their stats. Equip the hero with a core gear for maximum gear stats performance. This gear can be magically enhanced. We can convert gold into enhancing elements. A good combination of melee and ranged heroes makes it easier to get 3 stars in stages. Mission Task: 3 stars win: first - clear stage, second - less than 1 of your heroes are defeated, third - none of your heroes are defeated. Rewards: diamonds, gold, starsoul, water, fire element dust. Clear all Peerage quests to earn peerage privileges and peerage CP. TOp up to the corresponding VIP level to purchase a VIP privilege pack.

Heroes: wilderness Griffin - gain 1 wealth for every 1 diamonds top-up. Excludes rewarded diamonds. I've removed the seal of the summoning altar. We can use it to summon heroes who have signed the summoning bond. Basic summon: available blue, purple, orange hero. Mega summon: - summon 10 more times to win orange hero.

Props menu: clamber of commerce - fortune, relic and deity plan. Fortune plan - a mountain of diamonds awaits you. Relic - damage of all party members increased, high stats. Deity plan - high party member damage, powerful healing.

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Tips & tricks, android gameplay secrets:

Gameplay steps, Key Features, skills, hint:
  • 1. Reach level 30 on the first day and enjoy all kinds of unique experiences.
  • 2. Fight in the arena to win loads of gems! Daily civil war battles grant loads of items.
  • 3. Partace in legion gameplay daily to get SS heroes.
  • 4. Dragon’s cave is filled with countless shiny gems. The market has a new batch of goodies! Come take a look!
  • 5. You can disassemble spare heroes into hero medals and use them to redeem new heroes at the market.

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