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K26plj - gift code 2020 is a disease...A millennium ago, a supreme necromancer was on the verge of conquering the world. But you know what they say about best laid plans. Inevitably, heroes shall emerge. So, i was made dead...again. But what does death really mean for somebody who has mastered it? Boredom. An eternity to ponder my errors and how close i came to victory. I am immortal, but when this world ends even i will know oblivion...and so, i ask myself. Will i be given another chance to rise before it happens? Another chance to fulfill my ambition? Ah, it seems that fate has smiled after all.

Iratus Lord of the Dead hack

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Iratus Lord of the Dead is a hardcore tactical roguelike. This game is difficult and your minions will likely die (and don’t think they are expendable just because they are already dead!) Every fight is a challenge and resources are always limited. Enemies are strong and show no mercy toward their undead opponents. You will need to play smart, use cheat codes and adjust your strategies for different encounters and enemy type. In short, be prepared to spend several hours mastering the game to achieve victory and bring death to the mortal lands. Ingame mechanics, tests and balance can be changed in future.

Iratus Lord of the Dead cheats, hack codes

Evil has returned. THe dread necromancer Iratus has attained his freedom after a millennia of imprisonment and the miners gathered around his tomb still do not know the mortal danger they have stumbled upon. Their bodies will lay the foundation for an army of the dead that will conquer this world. Rise!
Each minion has 5 basic abilities and 1 ultimate ability. To use an ultimate ability, you need a special resource: wrath. Minions and enemies can use certain abilities only from specific positions and with specific targets.
Physical and magical damage reduce the target’s vigor. Igniting a target will deal magical damage multiple times over the course of a few turns. Stress damage decreases the sanity of the target. Cursing a target will deal stress damage multiple times over the course of a few turns. Critical hits by your minions decrease enemy sanity. Enemy critical hits will increase it.
Artifact cheats code: there are four main types of artifacts hack - weapons, armor, rings and amulets. You will laso encounter consumables. Such artifacts only apply for one battle, after which they are spent. At the beginning of the game Iratus Lord of the Dead receives one random artifact.
Iratus Lord of the Dead wiki
Loss of sanity in combat can lead to various consequences: 1) insanity - a negative effect that weakens the enemy. 2) inspiration - a positive effect that strengthens the enemy. 3) death - receiving any amount of stress damage while at 0 sanity can lead to instantaneous death. 4) flee from combat - at low levels of sanity, an enemy on the outermost position of the combat row has a chance to flee from combat.
Attributes: dread - shows how much damage this minion will deal with its stress attacks. Accuracy - shows the likelihood of hitting the target. Accuracy over 100% increases the chance of hitting targets with evasion. resistance - whenever a character with resistance is dealt magical damage, that damage is reduced by the amount of resistance that the defender has. The ignition effect deals full damage. Block - whenever a character that has at least one point of block is hit by a physical attack, that attack is nullified and the character’s block amount is decreased by one.

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Tip, android gameplay secrets: Gameplay steps, Key Features:
Iratus Lord of the Dead tips
Hack cheats tutorial Iratus Lord of the Dead (wiki):
Characters: Skeleton - a fairly unimpressive warrior whose one standout characteristic is their utter mediocrity. While they often make up the backbone (pun intended) of most undead armies, skeletons are so boring that they are never really acknowledged by their creators ot their enemies.
Cheat code list: architects’ soul - needed to construct and improve buildings. Parts - needed to craft minions. Artifacts - can increase the power of your minions and Iratus himself. Brains - used to quickly increase the level of minions. Additionally, minions that did not participate in the battle restore a small amount of vigor.
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Iratus Lord of the Dead Note: the skeleton is immune to all buffs and debuffs. Resources and magic: mana - needed to use talents form the magic, ire and destruction trees. Mana is restored after victory in combat, through minion abilities or via certain encounters on the map. Wrath - needed to use minions’ ultimate abilities. Wrath increases during combat.
Traps: abilities, the effects of which are limited to one specific position. Depending on the specific of the trap, a character occupying that position can receive negative or positive effects. A trap can be destroyed by certain abilities or overridden by another trap.

Mine cheat code information: The kingdom had need of the vast riches buried underneath the castle: great veins of iron that promised to fuel conquest after conquest, along with ancient artifacts from a long forgotten age.
The dwarves were eager to offer their services in this project, bringing their untested mining equipment and experimental hack concoctions for the promise of wealth. They only needed bodies that could obey, and that the humans could provide.
With Iratus Lord of the Dead dungeons filled to the brim both criminals and rebels, there was no shortage of slaves to work these mines. Cheats, codes, drugs were used to keep them docile as they dug ever deeper. year after year, unaware of the mortal danger that awaited them below. how and where enter

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