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Free hack Iron Force 2 cheats code list - tanks, promotion, crate keys, promo ticket, funds, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Iron Force 2 cheat world: commander, my name is cheat-on, i am your guide. Movement - use the d-pad to move your tank. Mini map - an overview of the battlefield, view target locations and plan your strategy. Firing - tap or hold the button to fire. Telescope - heavy tanks have a scope for more precise aiming. Armor - aim at weak spots for maximum damage, front - strongest, back - weakest armor.

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The key item in the top bar shows how many keys are available to earn in battles and when more keys will ve available. You can earn 20 for a win and 10 if you lose, when you have earned 100 key you can open a battle chest. Upo got a component? Let’s make your make your tank more powerful by installing it. Remember, you will not reduce medal when you are a recruit.

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High density steel barrel - use high strength, high modules, toughness composite materials to increase the initial velocity of the projectile and improve the damage of the projectiles. Remember, firing whilst on the move will decrease accuracy. Be a team player, repair your team mates with the heal ability. Explosive barrel hack - throw explosive barrels forward, and encountering an enemy will cause a violent explosion. Pick up repair - recover HP when gain item.

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Water cooled engine turret - change the speed of rotating the turret by changing the water and cooling engine. Jump into the fight with just one tap and go to war with intuitive arcade gameplay and pick-up-and-play controls. Experience the excitement of real-time combat as you control your team’s fleet of powerful tanks and defy opposing squads with guns booming on three immersive maps including Havana, Italy Town, and the Freight Yard.
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Tips to repair durability Iron Force 2, fix error communication with the server, bugs, lags, crashes.

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