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Free hack Iron League cheats code list - energy (AP), points, gold, promo ticket, runes, chest, gem crystal, premium pack, wiki, tutorial. Iron League cheat world: are you an iron leaguer? Seems like you are not an easy quitter. Very well, we’ll see if you are worthy enough to enter this fight. Use your move controller to move your hero. Attack minions by pressing the attack button at the bottom righthand corner. Press menu button to open the store. You can see the item info by clicking its image.

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You can buy 5 items at maximum. You can upgrade your item when you have sufficient gold. Active skills of the item becomes available when you upgrade it to its maximum level. Press the activated quick boots and move to the destination. You can access the item shop at anywhere, anytime.

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Learn skills. While pressing the skill button, aim the direction to fire flash beam. Skill will be cancelled by pressing the skill button and dragging your finger to the X button on the right. If skill manipulation is difficult, set up smart key in the option. Attacking the turret alone is dangerous.

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Destroy the enemy structures following the arrow. The team that destroys the enemy nexus first wins. To attack the nexus, you have to destroy the enemy structures in order. If you already have the ironside, you will be rewarded with the in game currency of equal value. If you complete the mission, we will also send you the ironside icon to your mailbox.

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