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Welcome aboard the R3-D3! I am Wednesday, your assistant. I am instructed to introduce you to the basics of piloting. Touch the screen and slide your finger in the direction in which you want to send your mech.
Warning! Enemy spotted! Before proceeding further, it is necessary to clear the sector of the threat. There may be covers on the battlefield. I recommend using them to get a tactical advantage over the enemy and to avoid the direct hit of their bullets.

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hack, Step #1 (#gift-codes, #cheat-engine, #hack tools): Warning, an enemy artillery battery has been detected! It shoot through obstacles, but those bullets hit only the marked area. I recommend avoiding the marked area of the lesion.
Field traps have been detected! Try to avoid them! After clearing the sector from the enemies, i can hack the trap control system and deactivate them.
cheat, Step #2: A powerful enemy unit spotted! It is necessary to focus all resources on the conduct of the battle. Such enemies are better equipped than other units! You will receive a special rewards for destroying them.
Attention, a nano chest has been detected! If you find another one of the same, i can combine them and you will get better reward.
Iron Wars code, Step #3: Congratulations on the successful completion of your first mission! You are automatically promoted to the rank of commander. We wish you success in your next missions. You have a set of side weapons available. It is capable of firing aimlessly on the go, unlike your main weapon, which takes time to aim. Inspect it.
Step #4: The ability to fire on the go reduces the lethal force of side weapons, but significantly increases your mobility, which is an advantage in battle. As the saying goes: “movement is life”. Any weapons and additional modules can be improved. But this requires special chips. Fortunately for you, there is a batch of similar in stock. Modify your equipment!
In addition to the side weapons, you have: the main weapon, the body of the mech and chips that improve the operation of the AI systems of your robot. All of these can also be improved using the appropriate chips.

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