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You’re just in time, Governor! Our enemy still gives us a hard time and occupies all parts of our city. Now he’s ready for the final strike! We are so lucky to have you as our new leader. Now our people people have hope. We need to strike at the enemy immediately! Our units are waiting for your command!
We have 3 types of units in our hangars. But right now we can maintain only one. So it’s up to you which type do we keep and use for the first fight: light tanks, heavy tanks or rocket artillery?

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Light tanks - fast and furious tanks created to destroy rocket artillery. Heavy tanks - tru power. Use it against light tanks to cover your artillery. Rocket artillery - send death from above. Best units against slow heavy tanks.
We are now facing our enemy. Looks like they knew about our strike and prepared for the battle. The enemy has gathered the best forces against us! It’s going to be a tight battle.

Iron Conquest cheats, hack codes

We got one part of our city back, but there’s still a lot of work to do. We have a few soldiers wounded in action. Let’s start with construction a hospital for our wounded units. We need to bring them back in line shortly! Construction - here you can see all the facilities available for construction in your city. Hospital - heals your damaged units. Coal plant - produces coal for your city. Depot - projects your resources from being plundered by the enemies. Military hub is the iron heart of our army! Here you can recruit new units to enlarge our military forces.
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In first section you can select a unit to recruit. In left section - the selected unit. Set the required number of units and tap “recruit” or cheat code button to start the recruitment. Unlock map - this is our campaign against partisans. Go on the missions to practice your military tactics and get the rewards. Army assemble - this is the command centre of your army. Here you can see the details of your troops and arrange the combat formation. You also need to assign the best qualified commander for the mission. Right menu - here’s all the available units we have right now. Our troops are waiting for your command, so hit the “send” button when you’re ready.

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Join the guild, get to the top: join your first guild and receive gold. Establish a strong union with other players. Progress faster with the help of your guildmates. Capture forts to obtain buffs and resources. Capture forts to obtain buffs and resources. Build guild structures and conquer new lands. Fight together, communicate and meet new friends. Become the ruler of the kingdom! AznKI6 - 1 year shield
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