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Our country is great, but we have no way back, the capital is behind! The final battle! For freedom! We suffered huge losses! Retreat, keep effective strength! Our troop was utterly defeated by unidentified force, fortunately we find this base, first a factory is necessary for reestablishment. Factory performs well. let’s manufacturing new combat unit. Now light tank is unlocked at level 1 factory, tap to check attribute in detail. 6 base damage with 30 HP, tap to manufacture 1 light tank.

Iron Empire 2 hack

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Extra 1 combat unit makes us more confident to face our enemy. Radar shows a scout team is active around us, check it out. It’s probably the advance force of enemy, pursue and fire! Given by our situation, we should divide and conquer. Choose commander, can greatly enhance the strength of army. Addition to the basic attribute bonus, you can also configure the commander of different devices to increase the various special abilities. On the left is main slot, and on the right is sub slot.

Iron Empire 2 cheats, hack codes

Weapon destroy. so that our tanks have a special combat capability. Each device has its own purpose and can be tailored to suit the situation. With consumption of 1 energy, we successfully eliminate the threat and receive trophies.
Commander abilities have significant influences on the whole troop, try to improve them if condition permits. Improve leadership level to add more capacity for each troop, tap to upgrade it. Leadership book can be acquired in resource island battles, next we will get to know commander skill.
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Various skills are able to enhance overall strength rapidly, tap to upgrade. Honor medals and cheat codes use to upgrade skills can be gained from stage and daily mission above 2 stars. Top panel - you can tap to check and adjust the details about resources and props. We have lots of combat buff, could make troops to get lots of improvement. Use a iron shield, which can reduce the damage caused by the enemy. This time we destroyed a small group, more powerful combat units are needed in order to fight back. Scout discovers huge resource spots among the base, build facility to exploit.

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