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Controls: movement - use the d-pad to move your tank. Mini map - an overview of the battlefield, view target locations and plan your strategy. Firing - tap or hold the button to attack. Telescope - heavy tanks have a scope for more precise aiming. Armor: front - strongest armor, back - weakest. Aim at weak spots for maximum damage. Supply control - pick up supply crates from drop zones, or take them from destroyed opponents! As a team hold 20 supply crates for 15 seconds to win!

Iron Force 2020 hack

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Domination - capture control points by entering the control zones. Earn points for each control points captured. The first team to 100 points wins! Key bar - this is the number of keys available to earn in cheats or battles, available keys recharge with time. Keys are used to open battle chests. Complete missions earns activity points that unlock daily and weekly activity chests and codes.

Iron Force 2020 cheats, hack codes

Economy adjustment information: we’ve recently made a change to the amount of funds cheat codes to purchase upgrades/ evolves in-game, reducing the amount of funds it costs by a factor of 8, meaning that if something previously cost 1000 funds it will now only cost 125 funds. To accommodate this change funds balances have also been adjusted, however we have only reduced these by a factor of 7. The amount of funds code you earn from battle and in cheats cheat has also been reduced in line with the above changes.
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As we enter the final stage of the Iron Force 2020 beta preparing for full worldwide release, the game will be unavailable to download from the store for a few weeks. YOu can continue to play as normal during this time, however if you uninstall the game it will not be available to re-download from the store until the worldwide release version is available.

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